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You hate overly posed photos


You want to feel connected to your photographer


You struggle with feeling awkward in front of the camera


You have big dreams for your wedding day

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Jennifer  price

“Christine is the epitome of professionalism...
has a great team working with her. I love her light and whimsical style and am in love with all of the pictures I have received from her! ”

As you stop pinching yourself to see if this is real (it is!), you’re finding yourself in the weeds when it comes to planning your wedding. You’re doing your best but all the photographer’s websites look the same, all the posed couples feel the same (stiff and unnatural) and it just doesn’t feel like you and your fiance. And it makes you worry that your love story won’t be treated as special.

It doesn’t help that each photographer offers different items in their packages from each other, so comparing pricing isn’t like comparing apples to apples, it’s like comparing apples to a hamburger! 

So what is supposed to be one of the most fun, anticipatory times of your life, is turning into a time of confusion...and dare I say stress. 

You fell in love and in the blink of an eye you’re engaged to be married


This is where I twirl into the room like Alexis Rose, with a camera in one hand, my cat Minerva in the other!

can you picture it?!

Swish & Click Photography is THE Houston wedding photographer who will take your big wedding dreams and turn them into striking, emotional photos that last beyond your lifetime.

“Christine does research to find different poses that will compliment the couple when shooting.

So fast forward, she is taking our engagement pictures, which turned out AMAZING! ... You will laugh the entire shoot while she sings, makes funny jokes with you and makes you kiss A LOT!

We had never taken professional pictures together and she made it so easy for us (especially since Dylan was not a fan of being in front of the camera!)

Courtney + Dylan


but I can tell you I have been the storyteller, the documentarian of my friends group since middle school.

I grew up in a home where my father followed us around with his camera, and turned those images into scrapbooks I poured over. I think there are photos in an album of me looking through one of his scrapbooks! I still remember him saying how the unscripted moment, the one where you saw the raw emotion of a person, was his favorite to capture.

I can’t remember the exact moment I fell in love with photographing people,


This carried on until I graduated university...and Facebook came along.

I captured all of our sleepovers, parties and trips to Canada’s Wonderland. I remember sitting in my car, 16 years old, waiting that hour for my images to be printed from the disposable camera with my friends. Although I eventually stopped making physical scrapbooks, I continued capturing people and made galleries online. In fact, I had a blogger account and a LiveJournal account! Do you remember those? 

In middle school I started my own scrapbooks, to emulate my dad.


It was tough, learning about the science of light, composition and framing to create an image that evoked emotion. But I worked at it, and I love that my crossfit community was so supportive of my journey. It was these athletes who let me practice on them, and then the ones who supported me as I started capturing weddings. 

It wasn’t until I was married that I got a DSLR and could start playing with a professional camera.


having been featured in magazines like People, Cosmopolitan and Scary Mommy (and a lot more, it’s just too long a list to recount!), I just sit back and marvel at what I have accomplished.

I am obsessed with telling love stories, your story. I want to help you leave a legacy for your family with the photos I create. I want to help you take your big wedding dreams and turn that into images that take your breath away for decades to come.

And now, after 6 years of capturing weddings,

dream team

Having a consistent team to shoot with means an experience that is dependable for you, as well as your wedding vendors. All of the photographers I work with are excellent not only at their craft, but are incredibly hard workers and are genuinely nice humans. Scroll to meet them!




Alicia is my main second photographer. Further, if I have two weddings on a specific day, she will be the lead associate shooter for that wedding. 

She is the entire package- a wonderful photographer, great at staying on schedule, great with people and a natural leader. 




Brandy is a one of my go-to second photographers. She has a great eye for details and has this natural ability to make everyone feel at ease. 

She has been in the wedding industry for over 10 years and has seen it all. She thinks quickly on her feet and handles anything that gets thrown at her.


meet the team


Dawn is another fantastic addition to our team and second photographer. She captures details and portraits in a similar way to me. I'm bias- but we have a great eye! She's been in the wedding industry for a decade and has seen it all! Dawn is a big Disney enthusiast, so she is wonderful with all my clients.




Amber is my go-to wedding day assistant. She has captured lots of weddings, so she understands the flow of the day and anticipates the next steps.

A natural people person, she is complimented regularly for how kind she is with both clients and vendors.




I was introduced to Harry Potter by a friend, and at first it sounded juvenile. I wasn't sure! But she told me to get through the first two books and I would love it, and she was right!

Now I am a proud Hufflepuff with a Gryffindor wing. I have been to Harry Potter world 3 times and have had a wand choose me. I love this community!



When I was younger, and freshly moved out of my parents house, I would go over every Sunday for dinner. We would catch up on our week and eat a delicious meal together. My sister and I would frequently go to movies together and talk about our favorite shows. Now that I live 2,000 miles away, I miss them so much.


Specifically my cat Minerva!

We named her after Professor McGonagall, because obviously. I grew  up with cats and have loved them all my life. It's their spunky, weird personalities that get me!


I love to travel.
I have been to Italy, Germany, Cancun, California, NYC, Florida, British Columbia and I come from Ontario.
I love tasting new foods, seeing the architecture and just sitting on the beach with a good book.


Ever since I saw RDJ as Ironman, I was hooked. I even admit I was on the fence about Chris Evans as Captain America before seeing the first movie. I was wrong! I admit it! There is something truly magical about this universe, where movies over 10 years culminated into an ending that was incredibly fulfilling. And left me sobbing. I am in love with the new shows and can't wait for what's next!


There is just something magical about chicken and waffles, eggs benedict and mimosas. Especially when it is paired with friends. I love going to Snooze and love exploring new places too!


I used to be super into crossfit, but the thing I found that I really love is weight lifting. I feel so powerful when I lift heavy. Pair that with a good workout afterwards? Best feeling in the world!


I grew up with a pool and would frequently sit by it (or in it on a floatee), reading. Now that I live in Houston, I love going to the pool with a book and soaking in the sun while reading. It's the ultimate in relaxation for me!

FAVORITE  things

all my

Are you detail oriented like Leslie Knope? Laid back like Rosa Diaz? Or sentimental like Jessica Day?

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