Growing up, my father followed us around with his camera and turned those images into scrapbooks I poured over. I still remember him saying how the unscripted moments — the ones where you saw the raw emotion of a person — were his favorite to capture.

I can’t remember the exact moment I fell in love with photographing people,

but I can tell you that I’ve been a storyteller my entire life. 


I fell in love with wedding photography because it married my dad’s sentiments about emotional storytelling with my nerdiness about the technical side of things.

Fast forward many years, many disposable cameras, and a few DSLRs later,

and I dove into the science of light, the art of composition, and the finesse of capturing emotion. 


More importantly, though, it’s connected me to couples like you — my fellow pop culture fanatics and die-hard romantics who understand that planning a high-end wedding doesn’t mean you can’t show off your unique personality! My Swish & Click couples want their wedding photos to tell their entire love story, which includes the meaningful touches that show off how fun they are. 

And, as it turns out, it’s good to be a nerd. 

I’m low-key obsessed with getting the perfect shot, which has resulted in global recognition from media giants like Cosmopolitan, People, + PopSugar. 

Damn, I’m lucky to have this job.


the life of the party!

As you stop pinching yourself to see if this is real (it is!), you’re finding yourself in the weeds when it comes to planning your wedding. You’re doing your best but all the photographer’s websites look the same, all the posed couples feel the same (stiff and unnatural) and it just doesn’t feel like you and your fiance. And it makes you worry that your love story won’t be treated as special.

It doesn’t help that each photographer offers different items in their packages from each other, so comparing pricing isn’t like comparing apples to apples, it’s like comparing apples to a hamburger! 

So what is supposed to be one of the most fun, anticipatory times of your life, is turning into a time of confusion...and dare I say stress. 

You fell in love and in the blink of an eye you’re engaged to be married


This is where I twirl into the room like Alexis Rose, with a camera in one hand, my cat Minerva in the other!

can you picture it?!

Swish & Click Photography is THE Houston wedding photographer who will take your big wedding dreams and turn them into striking, emotional photos that last beyond your lifetime.

“We had never taken professional pictures together and Christine made it so easy for us (especially since Dylan was not a fan of being in front of the camera!). You will laugh the entire shoot while she sings, makes funny jokes with you and makes you kiss A LOT! ”

Courtney + Dylan


You want your photographer to feel more like a friend with a camera than a vendor


You’re planning a wedding that mixes high-end design with meaningful, personal touches


You feel Riddikulus in front of the camera


You want an affirming, accepting photographer who appreciates all aspects of your identity


You prefer photos of those candid moments

We’ll be a *chef’s kiss* fit if:

Where My Party People At?

Jennifer  price

“Christine is the epitome of professionalism...
has a great team working with her. I love her light and whimsical style and am in love with all of the pictures I have received from her! ”

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Behind every great woman is a bunch of other great women supporting her, and that’s certainly true of the Swish & Click team! We’re like the Justice League of wedding photography, banding together to take amazing photos, provide an excellent experience, and make you smile. 




This woman is the full package: she takes stunning wedding photos, always stays on schedule, is a natural leader, and your parents will love her (heck, everyone loves her). Alicia is my primary second photographer, and if I have two weddings on one date, she’s the one I send to stand in my shoes. 




Brandy has an incredible eye for details and has a natural ability to make everyone feel at ease. She’s been in the wedding industry for more than 10 years. She thinks quickly on her feet and can handle the stickiest of situations. That’s why she’s one of my go-to second photographers: this lady has seen it all! 




Dawn and I are #twinning when it comes to taking details and portraits. Maybe I’m biased, but we have a great eye! She’s a Disney enthusiast and has a decade of experience in the wedding industry, making her an excellent second photographer and a wonderful fit for all of my clients. 




Amber is someone you want by your side on wedding day; she understands the flow of the day and anticipates the next steps flawlessly. That’s why she’s my go-to wedding day assistant. That, and as a natural people-person, she always gets compliments on how kind she is to both clients and vendors. 



I’m hard working, patient, loyal, and dedicated… no wonder the Sorting Hat put me in Hufflepuff! 



Houston may be my home, but Toronto, Ontario will always have my heart because that’s where my family lives. There’s nothing better than sharing a Sunday dinner with family, catching up about our week and noshing on mom’s cooking. Delish!


No, not the musical (though I do love musicals). But my cat, Minerva, is my bestie. I’ve always been a cat lady — it’s their spunky, weird personalities that get me!


Planning a destination wedding? Take me with you! I love to travel and have been to Italy, Germany, Mexico, British Columbia, California, New York, Florida, and more.


Ever since I saw RDJ as Ironman, I was hooked. There is something truly magical about this universe, where movies over 10 years culminated into an ending that was incredibly fulfilling (and left me sobbing)


I wear the “bitches who brunch” name with honor. There is just something magical about chicken and waffles, eggs benedict, and mimosas — paired with friends, of course.


Want to feel like a badass? Head to the gym and lift heavy, like I do. It’s the best way to start a workout, and always makes me feel powerful. 


Hi, hello, it’s me, your friendly neighborhood book nerd. Catch me at the pool and you’ll see me soaking up the rays and my nose deep in a good book. It's the ultimate in relaxation!

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