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Get ready to have your heart stolen and your memories cherished like never before. It's time to turn your wedding into a work of art, Swish & Click style.

And here's the best part: I've been in your shoes, I know what it's like to be a bride yearning for something fresh, unique, and real. I want to capture those in-the-moment wedding memories and wedding trends that'll make you gush like crazy.

As a professional wedding photographer for over 8 years, I know exactly what it takes to plan that dream wedding with the person you love most in the world. You pour your heart and soul into every single detail, and guess what? You deserve nothing less than a modern, passionate capture of your perfect day.

Enter Swish & Click, the real deal when it comes to content creation. I know how to snatch those candid, unseen, in-between moments that make your heart sing. And get this, we do it all with an iPhone, giving you instant access to those precious memories right after you say "I do." It's like magic.

Content Creation for Busy Couples

marissa + toan

SHE provides not only a great product and service, but she provides an experience from the moment you reach out to her the first time to the email with your wedding pictures. We absolutely adore her and we are SO grateful for her time, talent, and friendship.


beautiful memories +

sara + matt

She never got flustered or was at loss even as things changed at the hotel, venue, and wedding schedule. With a wedding, nothing ever goes according to plan. Even so, Christine was able to adapt, stay organized, and capture amazing images all with a smile on her face and sparkly shoes on her feet.


christine was a 

courtney + dylan

You will laugh the entire shoot while she sings, makes funny jokes with you and makes you kiss A LOT!  Be open minded about all her crazy ideas for pictures, because you will end up with some of the best shots!  Seriously, Christine has found her niche and will produce beautiful photos for you!!


our pictures are 

3 hours of coverage
RAW video footage in 24hrs
2 TikTok videos

2 hours of coverage
RAW video footage in 24hrs
1 TikTok video

2 hours of coverage
RAW video footage in 24hrs
1 TikTok video

1 hour of coverage
RAW video footage in 24hrs
2 TikTok videos

Myself on site for that additional hour

Planned in advance
Discussed with planner as needed

1:1 meeting to map out desired TikTok videos for wedding day


Second Content Creator-$100/hr

Content Creation Plan-$500

Additional TikTok Videos-$250

Additional Hours-$300

Engagement Shoots-$450

Bridal Shower-$550

Welcome Parties-$550

Rehearsal Dinner-$750

This service is for couples who want fun, modern and candid content that is shot just for social media. It is for couples who are busy or plain don't want to have to think about making videos right away but still want to share the day right away in a polished way.

who is this service for?

Let's get real, if you asked a bridesmaid to do this for you they won't be guaranteed to be able to capture everything as they are in your wedding. If they are standing with you during the ceremony, there is no way they can also be in the aisle getting the first kiss. And neither can a guest because most ceremonies are unplugged. You also might also be nervous the person you have asked to get video of might miss the most important shots. Enter me!

why can't my friends do this?

Absolutely not! With your photographer and/or videographer, we form the media team. We all collaborate to capture the event, but my role is to focus on creating TikTok videos and recording candid moments on an iPhone. Your photographer snaps the photos that you put on your mantle, and your videographer makes the cinematic masterpiece that you play on your anniversary. Consider me your candid moment BFF!


Once you submit an inquiry, I’ll first make sure I have your date available. If I do, we’ll move forward to an intake call to make sure all your questions are answered and to discuss logistics. If you’d like to move forward, I require a non-refundable retainer to hold your date, and then the planning starts!

HOW DOes the process work?

Heck yeah! If you have a multi-day wedding or want additional coverage the night before or day after your wedding, I can create a custom, tailored package for your event. Please inquire so we can find coverage that works for you!

Can I add on Additional Services?


read the

I take a limited number of weddings a year because it allows create the best wedding content for my clients. If I feel we would be a great fit, then I will enthusiastically create content for you! Let’s get real for a second, you don’t deserve anything other than a content creator whose attention to detail and creativity fit you best. have candid wedding day video? And trendy pre-planned videos within 48 hours?

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