Why should you hire a personal branding photographer? Let’s not mince words, your brand isn’t cookie-cutter so your strategy and photos shouldn’t be either! Let’s cut right to the chase–your online presence needs to talk to the people your are trying to attract. You aren’t just trying to sell to anyone, you have a distinct vision in who you want to work with. The bigger question is: Is what you are putting out there conveying this? Is your web copy, your social media posts and photography working together to create a cohesive brand for you?

If you’re here, I am betting it isn’t, and that’s ok! This is why you need a personal branding photographer and media strategist! Let’s dig into what you need to get your business to where you want it to be!

One part visual storyteller -One part brand strategy

all the time badass!


I've had the absolutely pleasure of having a small part in collaborating with Christine for different photo shoots. I'm always excited to get her pictures back because they are of the Highest Quality!She makes you feel comfortable, like a friend, extremely relatable and you get more than just amazing photography, you also get a friend!


Christine is LITERALLY


She has been a great ally over the past year starting my business. She has a great eye for detail, she is thorough and yet fast in her work. We have also done personal photo shoots together and she is great at accommodating my requests. I recommend her highly!


working with Christine


Christine has such a great eye and captures images in ways I would never think of to create some of the most gorgeous photos I've seen. From headshots, to styled shoots and branding shoots, every interaction with Christine has been filled with fun and she always captures the exact feel I'm wanting to portray.



The S&c Experience

When your quick cell phone photo just isn’t cutting it, this is where I come in! I want to tell the story of your business and showcase your personality!
I believe the most important part of your brand is your personality. You infuse your brand with who you are on the daily, so the pictures you use on your website and social media should do the same! Imagine a world where your website and social media accounts have clear, crisp, professional looking images of yourself and your product! Chills, right??

My approach as a personal branding photographer is to be your storyteller. I get to know who your ideal client is, I get to know what is important to your brand story and we make a plan. The stiff, traditional headshot is passé these days, and thank goodness! Let’s get you headshots of you in action, meeting with clients, doing your work, and showing off what you do!

Personal Branding Photography Sessions

Personal branding photographer packages start at $2000 and most clients spend around $3500 for their first session.

You can invest in a one-time session or if your business changes with the seasons or requires frequent social media updating, I offer quarterly or monthly sessions at a discount. I also have paired with a stylist and a hair and makeup artist to ensure you get pictures you love!


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average investment


Access to studio wardrobe

90-minute session

Ordering appointment 2-3 weeks after session


*digital files and prints are an extra fee, ordered at your ordering appointment

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