Colton + Maria

Let me just say that hiring Christine for my wedding October of 2019 was the best decision my wife and I made!

I first met her as part of a collaboration on a styled shoot a few years ago. Her attention to detail and an eye for the little things that make a huge difference in photos were absolutely amazing. Fast forward to early 2019, my fiancee and I hired her, and from the very first conversation, she was extremely involved in getting to know us and who we were. She was adamant that our personalities and love for each other came out in every photo she took.

The day of the event, she had a list of all the photos we wanted and she made sure to stick to the timelines that we provided by keeping everyone on task even when the unforeseen happened. I appreciated everything she did for us and we will definitely use her again for another big life event!

Grace + Chase

When I got engaged, I had no idea on where to start looking for a photographer, gown, etc. I was incredibly honored and humbled to be gifted an engagement photo session from a friend with Christine and let me say it was like a match made in heaven. As both of us are nerds (from Harry Potter to Star Wars), it was easy to get the conversation going about anything and everything under the sun. She put me at ease about what I needed to look into and gave me a huge list of recommendations for all my needs.

Christine keeps the energy high and positive but still professional, which can be a very fine line but she walks it very well. I remember the first thing I told her was that my husband and I are very awkward when it comes to taking pictures and she immediately assured me that it was okay and “we’re just going to have fun with it.” And we definitely did!

She is a fantastic photographer and an amazing person to work with so if you’re looking for someone fun, outgoing and quirky, Christine is your girl!

Courtney + Dylan

She is THE BEST photographer I have ever worked with! To start, choosing photographers is not easy, especially when you are looking for the best of the best.

Meeting with Christine was relieving (sat at Starbucks chatting for over 2 hours) and I knew instantly that I wanted her to shoot our wedding. She has an amazing personality and is super easy to work with! Before any pictures are taken, she has her couples fill out a questionnaire to get to know you personally. Things about your love story, favorite things to do together are just a few of the questions she asks. She also does research to find different poses that will compliment the couple when shooting.

So fast forward, she is taking our engagement pictures, which turned out AMAZING! She even allowed our pup to make an appearance! You will laugh the entire shoot while she sings, makes funny jokes with you and makes you kiss A LOT! We had never taken professional pictures together and she made it so easy for us (especially since Dylan was not a fan of being in front of the camera!). I was able to spend more time with Christine, since I did my bridals with her. The skies the limit when it came to my bridals. She used smoke bombs and I twirled in my dress!! There may have been a few run ins with spiders in the woods, but it made for a great story and the pictures are THE BEST!! If you are on the fence about bridals like I was, seriously do them!! Christine will do some amazing pictures for you, and you will not regret it!

Saved the best for last, our wedding day! Christine and our extra shooter were on top of it and did FABULOUS! The details, the memories, the quality, the creativity and the list goes on about how great our pictures are! We were running behind due to hair and make-up and without freaking me out, she made a game plan with my coordinator and caught us up 100% percent and put us ahead of schedule. Be open minded about all her crazy ideas for pictures, because you will end up with some of the best shots! Seriously, Christine has found her niche and will produce beautiful photos for you!!



Ana + Yaquob

“Christine is not your average photographer, she is so creative and amazing! Will always recommend!”

Christine has been amazing to work with. She took such care and time with us to plan, help organize, and was so open to our style and needs for our day. She stayed organized and on top of things making sure that we enjoyed our wedding and still got all the photos we'd wanted and discussed with her beforehand. All of our photos thus far have been phenomenal! We've loved working with her and her second photographer friend (also Christine, who is also super talented and friendly). I would choose to recommend her in a heartbeat!”

Adrianna + Adam

Keeley + Eric

Christine has been an absolute pleasure to work with. From our engagement photos to wedding day, she really took the time to get to know who we were and it really showed.

My pictures are amazing, and she never once hesitated at any silly idea I had (and I have plenty). Not only was she there for me as a photographer, but also as a venting source and friend. I could never imagine having done this without her

Andrea + Robert

Christine is truly AMAZING! She is a fantastic photographer, but she is also a great person! She did our engagement & our wedding photos. We had tons of fun while doing it. All my pictures are so beautiful and I am so thankful for all her hard work and time she put into making everything a wonderful experience.


We had a great experience working with Christine and our engagement photos turned out beautifully! Not only that she was able to bring in a hair and make up person since I didn’t feel confident doing that well enough to shine through in the photos and outlast the Houston humidity. And most importantly she was able to work with and capture our sweet fur baby Bear which was an absolute must for us!

Sarah + Russell

“I have had the pleasure of working with Christine on many occasions, so I didn't doubt that I would love her work, but after looking at our wedding photos I am that much more grateful she was our photographer. I got a black eye from a nasty fall a day before my wedding day, and as any bride would feel a bit sour that the day was not as picture perfect as I would have liked, but as I look at the photos and see the silly moments she was able to capture, I can forever look back knowing it was not as bad as I may have thought. Thank you so much for suggesting those photos with the girls on the beach. They just make me laugh so hard. You cannot go wrong with hiring Christine!”

Sara + Matt

Christine was a dream to work with! She never got flustered or was at loss even as things changed at the hotel, venue, and wedding schedule. With a wedding, nothing ever goes according to plan. Even so, Christine was able to adapt, stay organized, and capture amazing images all with a smile on her face and sparkly shoes on her feet.

The hotel we booked for our guests was also supposed to serve as the setting for bridesmaid and groomsmen photos. Unbeknownst to us at the time of booking, major renovations were scheduled to be completed the week before our wedding. However, Hurricane Harvey happened and delayed the renovations. Needless to say, the hotel was not able to provide us with the original setting we had anticipated. Regardless, Christine was able to find great backdrops on the fly. She was innovative in using the available space which resulted in creative and unique photos that really helped capture us and our bridal party. I especially enjoyed the hotel gym photo of all the groomsmen as my husband and I met at the gym. Christine really was able to tell our particular story with both spunk and elegance. She is engaging and boisterous which helped us be at ease, creating genuine moments for her to capture during our engagement session as well as on our wedding day. Following the wedding, Christine worked with us tirelessly to create, edit, and perfect all the images and presented us with an amazing formal album that we will cherish forever.

Erin +Carter

In a sea of beautiful wedding photos and endless options for wedding photographers, Christine immediately stood out to me with her love of all things nerdy and her sparkling (get it, because she likes sparkly things) personality. I first met Christine over Skype, as I was finishing up grad school in Boston at the time while my then-fiancé started a job in Houston. From our very first meeting, I could tell we were going to hit it off. 

Christine went above and beyond from the start, with a welcome gift and some great recommendations for other vendors. Not only did she embrace our dinosaur themed wedding wholeheartedly, she also had the great idea to do part of our engagement shoots with dino masks on, which led to some of my favorite pictures!

Throughout the months leading up to our wedding, she was always super responsive to any questions and concerns I had. I generally don’t like getting photographed, but she made the whole process not only painless, but even fun! She captured our day perfectly, including some true gems of our friends dancing at the reception.

If you’re looking for someone that will run with your quirks, make you laugh throughout your photo sessions, and take some truly beautiful photos of you, I can’t recommend Christine enough!

Marissa + Toan

I found Swish + Click on Instagram. I was drawn to the light and beauty she captured...and then I read the caption below the photo and it spoke to my heart "you're twenty tabs deep in planning"...YES, picking your vendors is very much twenty tabs of research and you hope you're picking the vendors that not only create great product but also people that you and your fiancé LIKE.

We LOVED each of our vendors and Christine was no different, she was actually the very first vendor we picked! Very much like her Instagram captions, Christine provides so much clarity, support and wisdom. She took time to get to know my fiancé and I. She made us both feel comfortable when taking engagement pictures, went the extra mile to get our dog to smile, and we could not have been happier with the engagement pictures.

Our wedding day was captured BEAUTIFULLY, her team on our wedding day was attentive, creative and uplifting. You want photographers who are going to be your cheerleaders and make you and your guests feel like every moment is one to be captured. She also RAN with my crazy idea to do a Vanity Fair Oscar Party photo booth session at my wedding. She not only said YES, she enlisted the help of one of her talented friends and we even took a trip to our venue, prior to my wedding day, so that we could all envision and plan out this very special opportunity for my guests.

I could go on and on about Christine. She is seriously the best. She provides not only a great product and service, but she provides an experience from the moment you reach out to her the first time to the email with your wedding pictures. We absolutely adore her and we are SO grateful for her time, talent, and friendship.


Our wedding day was captured 

Kelsey + Jordan

“11/10, would recommend. Our engagement and wedding pictures came out absolutely perfect and are so breathtaking! Christine was always willing to talk to us any time we had questions, she FaceTimed us the day before the wedding because we ended up changing the location (instead of on the beach we did next to the beach house) and she assured us the pictures would still look amazing there, talked us through things to ease our mind, etc. Can’t wait to work with her again!”

Sarah + Earl

Christine is amazing. She took our Engagement Photos, my Bridal Portraits, and our Wedding Photos. She was incredibly accommodating to how we wanted our pictures to look. She listened to how comfortable we were with certain poses and styles. She took note of certain photos we wanted at the wedding. She made us feel okay with our laid back style of wedding we were going for. We were very happy with the finished products of each session we had with her. She made us all feel comfortable and took the time to get to know us as a family. She is professional and flexible, she allowed us to change a couple locations and dates for different sessions that worked with our schedule.

I have since worked with her on other projects and continue to fall in love with her as a photographer every time I see her. I can't say enough about how wonderful she is and how much I'm looking forward to working with her again on other needs we will have!

Rheanna + Joseph

I seriously cannot say enough great things about Swish + Click Photography. I booked Christine for my engagement photos (and future wedding). We did the engagement photos last week and I couldn’t be happier. My fiancé and I had an unique vision and theme in mind for our photos (Halloween, dark, moody) and from the beginning Christine completely got it. She even found the perfect location that was better than I could have even imagined. Leading up to and throughout the shoot, Christine was great about understanding my shyness in front of a camera, calming my nerves and posing my fiancé and I in a way that was comfortable and organic. A few minutes in we felt so at ease and to my surprise, we actually even enjoyed having our photos taken. I’ve already received the final images and I’m so in love with them. It’s been so hard to narrow down a few favorites to share and print. I cannot recommend Swish + Click enough, she truly goes above and beyond. I’ll be using her services for all my families photo shoots and cannot wait for her to capture our wedding day!





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