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How to Have a July 4th Wedding that’s Glamorous

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

I don’t know about you, but when I think about a July 4th wedding, all I see are primary colors. Honestly, it feels a tad juvenile, or as my friend put it, it gives off a party store quality to it. So how do you plan a wedding around that date and glam it up a bit? You know I gotchu!! A themed wedding with a bougie feel is my jam as a Houston wedding photographer.

July 4th Wedding that’s Glamorous

Let’s be Subtle

With a July 4th wedding, there is the tendency to think of picnic tables decked out in primary red and blue hues with not only the plates and napkins, but also the flowers and goblets. And to that I say “whooooah, chill!”. What if you did a more elegant take and did a more jewel tone blue with pops of maroon thrown in as an accent color? Also, it would be beautiful to have old china with a blue or red pattern on them as part of the table setting. Remember, with primary colors, less is more.

July 4th wedding at The Farmhouse in Magnolia Texas by Swish and Click Photography

July 4th wedding at The Farmhouse in Magnolia Texas by Swish and Click Photography

It’s all About the Gold

When I think about July 4th, I think about fireworks. And to me fireworks are gold and glittery. Thus, if I were planning an elegant wedding around this theme, I would use gold as my main color choice. I am talking calligraphy on the invitations, vases for the flowers, glitter in the signature drink, cutlery and goblets at the table, you name it. Heck I would probably have gold stars as the cufflinks, necklace or earrings as part of the attire. Or I would have the bridesmaid dresses be in starry, glittery gold, slightly mismatched for a fun whimsical look!! Also having gold brushed on the cake would be badass. And obviously there would be fireworks at the end of the night!!

Make it Fun!

I am in love with the idea of having a cocktail hour that serves fun Americana foods that you would have at a July 4th picnic. Think mini hot dogs, sliders and french fries, with a s’mores signature drink. Also I would love to have a dessert table that features apple and peach pie with vanilla ice cream. For the grand exit, you could end it with confetti poppers and use the fireworks during the first dance instead.

July 4th wedding at The Farmhouse in Magnolia Texas by Swish and Click Photography
Is it just me, or are we all feeling inspired?? I hope to see some Houston weddings this year with this theme!

bride releasing confetti at The Farmhouse in Magnolia Texas by Swish and Click Photography

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