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Laura’s Iron Manor bridal session was just beautiful! I won’t lie, we had a great time in the bridal suite using the curtains for some badass photos. But I am getting ahead of myself! Laura was recently featured on the blog for her Harry Potter engagement session at St. Arnold’s Brewery. Their engagement session was […]

Iron Manor bridal session where the bride smiles in the gardens captured by Swish and Click Photography in Houston Texas
bride posing for her bridal portraits at the Oak Atelier by Swish and Click Photography

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I was genuinely excited when Grace decided to do her Houston bridal session at the Oak Atelier. More specifically at their greenhouse space. If you have seen my Instagram feed, you will know I shoot there on a consistent basis and it is freaking stunning. You might remember Grace from her beautiful engagement session at […]

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Jaquelyn is a happy married woman today! She and Justin were married yesterday at the gorgeous Astin Mansion and we had the best time! But we are not here about that, now are we? We are here to look at all the stunning photos we took of Jaquelyn at her Rice University bridal session! Jaquelyn’s […]

Houston bride poses at Rice University in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography

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What can I say about Aubrey? She has a way about her, a confidence that she exudes effortlessly. I knew I wanted to bring this out in her during her bridal session. Aubrey was seriously magical in her bridal beauty. And the lighting on the day of her bridal session was perfect, as were the […]

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You’re probably thinking to yourself “Christine, how can you have a gorgeous but also smokey bridal session in Houston?!” Let’s just say I am a super huge fan of smoke bombs {yeah I photography trends like that}. But you know what? My clients love it! Courtney was super easygoing, and we had a ton of […]

bridal session at Magnolia Bells photographed by Swish and Click Photography
Carsons bridal session

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I usually share a bridal session the day after the wedding. But with Carson marrying Katy, I decided to stagger sharing the images. I can’t believe it has been a week since Carson and Katy had their magical wedding!! I will delve into this more when I blog about their wedding, but one of my […]

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I love sharing bridal portraits the day after the wedding! Katy and Carson had a wedding that was truly magical,¬†filled with Harry Potter touches, so you know I was delighted!! Plus, there was so much love, that when I look at these bridal portraits I am even more inspired. The Bridal Portraits Katy’s bridal portraits […]

Houston bridal portraits

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Sometimes I feel like a saint, like when I hang onto amazing images like the ones from Megan’s bridals!! When Megan and I started talking about the look and feel she wanted for her session, she was attract to images of silhouettes, profiles of the bride and brides with their pups. Her style is a […]

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I am not going to lie, Keeley’s bridal portraits were amazing!! I love that I get to share these bridal portraits because they are so fun and beautiful! Keeley goes to the beat of her own drum, and so when we were discussing ideas for her session, things like “eating Cheetos” and “cute puppies with […]

Keeley's bridal portraits


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