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Abbie had the most stunning bridal portraits at The Creative Chateau that I am so excited to share! She wanted to do her bridal portraits at the same location as her engagement shoot, so it was fun to visit this gorgeous space again. It’s been such a joy to see Abbie through this season of […]

Lady holds hand on fireplace for Houston’s Best Wedding Photographers
bride goes up the stairs in her wedding gown at the Creative Chateau

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I always get excited when my couples book a bridal session with their overall wedding day coverage. In fact I have written a blog post as to why bridal sessions are important to do, and I continue to agree with everything I wrote. Plus I love having another touch point with the bride on the […]

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I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for a good bridal session. I have written a blog post as to why I feel they are worth doing, and I stand behind everything I wrote in it. It’s wonderful having that special moment with the bride to see her shine in her gown. […]

bride looks beautiful in her wedding gown at the Houstonian Hotel in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography
bride swooshes her wedding gown in her bridal portraits at the Oak Atelier captured by Swish and Click Photography

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I am slightly obsessed with this Oak Atelier bridal session with Chelsea and her adorable puppy Waffles! It was truly a picture perfect day, sunny and not too hot. Which, as we know, has been the Houston thing lately, unseasonably warm weather. Thankfully, we lucked out! The Oak Atelier is one of my favorite spots […]

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Anastasia’s Bridal Session at Barr Mansion For Anastasia’s bridal session at Barr Mansion, Ana, her mom and I took a road trip together! Since Barr Mansion is in Austin, it just made sense for us to drive together. Ana and I reminisced about her dreamy engagement session at McGovern Centennial Gardens as well as discussing […]

bride poses during her bridal session at Barr Mansion in Austin Texas by Swish and Click Photography
bride plays with her gown during her bridal portraits at the Houston Arboretum by Swish and Click Photography

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Allison’s Houston Bridal Session As I was driving to the Houston Arboretum for Allison’s bridal session, it was threatening rain, which we were hoping to beat. It was the opposite of the day we did Allison and Jared’s Houston skyline engagement session. Thankfully the rain held off for Allison’s bridal session at the Houston Arboretum […]

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Laura’s Iron Manor bridal session was just beautiful! I won’t lie, we had a great time in the bridal suite using the curtains for some badass photos. But I am getting ahead of myself! Laura was recently featured on the blog for her Harry Potter engagement session at St. Arnold’s Brewery. Their engagement session was […]

Iron Manor bridal session where the bride smiles in the gardens captured by Swish and Click Photography in Houston Texas
bride posing for her bridal portraits at the Oak Atelier by Swish and Click Photography

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I was genuinely excited when Grace decided to do her Houston bridal session at the Oak Atelier. More specifically at their greenhouse space. If you have seen my Instagram feed, you will know I shoot there on a consistent basis and it is freaking stunning. You might remember Grace from her beautiful engagement session at […]

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Jaquelyn is a happy married woman today! She and Justin were married yesterday at the gorgeous Astin Mansion and we had the best time! But we are not here about that, now are we? We are here to look at all the stunning photos we took of Jaquelyn at her Rice University bridal session! Jaquelyn’s […]

Houston bride poses at Rice University in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography

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What can I say about Aubrey? She has a way about her, a confidence that she exudes effortlessly. I knew I wanted to bring this out in her during her bridal session. Aubrey was seriously magical in her bridal beauty. And the lighting on the day of her bridal session was perfect, as were the […]


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