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Do you know how hard it is to hold onto images and not share them for months? Let me tell you how hard it was to not share images from this lush garden lesbian wedding editorial! These photos at 15 Acres Venue are stunning and I am high key obsessed with the gowns featured from […]

lesbian couple laugh with each other on their wedding day captured at 15 acres wedding venue by Swish and Click Photography in Houston Texas
bridal portraits at the Woodlands Country Club in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography

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I was magnetically attracted to this Summer in Bloom: Brides of Houston editorial when the Brides of Houston team reached out to me! The team at Brides of Houston planned an editorial series for their fall/winter print publication called “Seasons of Love”. Different teams are brought together to create a different season of the year, […]

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You know what I love? I love trends that remind me about time periods that had cool fashion and fun texture, especially when it comes to wedding editorials. This 70’s sunshine editorial at The Luminaire takes all the best things from the 70’s and showcases it in a gorgeous way! I am talking woven invitations, […]

bride and groom dance at the Luminaire wedding venue in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography

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Why a Slytherin inspired wedding, when you are a Hufflepuff, Christine? Great question! Obviously my loyalty is with that house, but when my friend Brianne and I were discussing which house to tackle first, we wanted to have something for the fall. And what is more Halloween than Slytherin? We wanted to make this Slytherin […]


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