Houston Bridal Session at the Oak Atelier with Grace

Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

I was genuinely excited when Grace decided to do her Houston bridal session at the Oak Atelier. More specifically at their greenhouse space. If you have seen my Instagram feed, you will know I shoot there on a consistent basis and it is freaking stunning. You might remember Grace from her beautiful engagement session at McGovern Centennial Gardens last year with her fiancé Chase. They had a few handmade pieces in the session that they incorporated into that session.

Houston Bridal Session at the Oak Atelier

Grace knew she wanted to do her session in a location that made her feel special and would work if there was inclement weather. When I sent her the link for the Oak Atelier, she gushed about how beautiful it was and I knew this was where her Houston bridal session was going to be.

She got her gown back well in advance of her wedding, so we were able to do her bridal session without the wedding date looming over us. One of the things my brides love about their bridal session is that it is a true test run of their wedding day look. Grace was able to get Nyoka Gregory Beauty to do her hair and makeup before the session, and everything came together perfectly. We played with the entire space of the studio, from the inside and its gorgeous mirror, to the outside. I framed Grace with the building for some shots, and then took her out on the grass for other shots.

My favorite part of Grace’s Houston bridal session at the Oak Atelier is when she told me after that she wasn’t so sure about some of the things I was having her do, but when she saw the photos she was blown away! She told me on the phone how she had exclaimed “dang it! These are so good” when looking at those frames.

So let’s not hold back anymore! Dig into the images and tell me which one you love best.

As always, I am so curious to know what your favorite part is from this Houston bridal session at the Oak Atelier! Tell me in the comments!

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