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Getting to do an engagement session with my couples prior to their wedding is one of my favorite things – and I always suggest adding one. I am sure you remember this recent enchanting engagement session with Alyssa and Kai, it is a perfect example of why you want to do an engagement session. Not […]

buffalo bayou park engagement session by Houston's best wedding photographers Swish and Click Photography
beach engagement session in galveston by Houston's best wedding photographers Swish and Click Photography

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You may remember this wonderful couple from their Christmas Tree Farm session. Those photos were to celebrate being newly engaged, but they still wanted a session that was specific for their engagement. Chelsea and Jack knew they wanted to do it in Galveston, they love the old buildings in the Strand area, as well as […]

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Sam Houston Park was the perfect location for an enchanting engagement session with Alyssa and Kai…especially since they wanted an “Enchanted” vibe to it. And I love that this couple was so free and fun when they danced and laughed and were wonderfully silly together. Alyssa was actually a musical theater major and I love […]

engagement session at the creative chateau by Houston wedding photographer Swish and Click Photography

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Before showcasing this gorgeous Creative Chateau and Houston Arboretum engagement session, we have to discuss Taylor and William’s love story. The first time Taylor saw William walk in a room she had instant butterflies. “He was such a genuine person and it felt like we’d known each other for years. He made me laugh and our date […]

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I met Jensen and Joseph at an open house at the Luminaire and we had an amazing conversation! I loved their vision for their wedding, so when they booked me, I knew we were going to bring their dreams to life. They have decided they want to have a wedding with a celestial theme, and […]

engaged couple kiss in downtown Houston during their engagement session by Houston's best wedding photographers Swish and Click Photography
couple kisses during their engagement session at the Creative Chateau in Houston by Swish and Click Photography

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When I first started talking to Blake and Abbie about their engagement session, they knew they wanted some place that would make their photos look special. And if you have ever been to the Creative Chateau before, you know that this space will make any session look stunning! The great thing, other than how beautiful […]

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I consider myself pretty lucky, I seem to attract the most magical couples! Jordan and Kelsey are no exception, and when we were planning their Discovery Green engagement session, we knew we wanted to honor their love story, while also making it fun. As you know, when I start planning engagement sessions in Houston, I […]

engaged couple laugh together at Discovery Green engagement session in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography
couple grins as they kiss at the Houston Arboretum during their Houston engagement session by Swish and Click Photography

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I met Joanna at the Bridal Extravaganza in January 2020, in what I like to call “the before times”. I saw her wearing a shirt that reference the TV show The Office, and I knew we would be an amazing fit! She danced her way over to my booth and the rest is history. When […]

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When I first talked with Jeannie and Alan, I could tell they were so excited to be getting married. As we planned their engagement session, it became clear they wanted something the felt like them. The decided on one the prettiest parks in Houston and then a few intimate photos at their home. I had […]

gorgeous engagement session with a smiling couple captured by Swish and Click Photography
engaged Houston couple use Harry Potter time turner at St Arnold's brewery by Swish and Click Photography

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When Laura, Justin and I were discussing what they wanted to do for their engagement session, they said right off the bat that they wanted to do something that felt like them. They love beer and Harry Potter, so mixing them together for this Harry Potter engagement session was pretty perfect. Or dare I say….magical! […]


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