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5 Reasons to Invest in Branded Photography

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

branding photographyI don’t know if you have caught on, but I am seriously passionate about small businesses investing in branded photography. I am also very, very aware that to run your own business profitably, you need to be strategic with how you spend your money. Setting aside money for a photoshoot can seem intimidating, but there are so many reasons to invest, that if you take the plunge, you will not regret it!

It helps you Charge More

People are hugely visual creatures, thus, high-quality, authentic photography plays a crucial role in delivering the personality and quality of your brand. It’s one of the most effective ways to enhance your positioning as an expert and instantly connects with your readers or customers. And once you are viewed as an expert {regardless if you *feel* like one}, your prices can change to reflect this. Furthermore, branded photography has a consistent look, which makes people feel like they know you and your brand, and are more likely to trust you because of that.

It keeps you Competitive

branding photography

Photographed for Dusty Boots Designs

Having high quality images of yourself and what you do helps you stand out from the crowd. It ties in very neatly with point number one—by appearing trust worthy and professional, you are setting the bar for your competition. Other people can try and replicate what you are doing, but if you are owning who you are and your brand, and capturing that, then you are conveying how truly unique you are. Potential clients will see this and be attracted to the vibe you are putting out.

It leads to a Perception of Quality

branding photography

Photographed for Get it Girl Boss

Using stock images or pictures that are low quality almost guarantees you will be ignored. Furthermore, people’s perception of you and your brand will be lowered. Think of it this way, if you are scrolling through someone’s Instagram feed and a majority of the images are poorly lit, off-center or inconsistent looking, you tend to skip over them, right? It’s the same with your Facebook and website. Poor imagery also communicates subconsciously to the viewer that you cut corners, and if you cut corners in your images, what’s to say you won’t when working with clients? This might not be what you do, but this is what is communicated when don’t invest in branded photography.

It sets you Apart

Branded photography, when done right, breaks you out from the crowd and makes you memorable. There are a ton of people in your field, but there is only one of you! Sharing more of you in well-lit, well-framed, cohesive pictures makes your ideal client fall in love with you.

It Makes you look Professional

branding photography

Photographed for EKM Consultations

When clients see professional, quality images throughout your platforms, they’ll know you take your business seriously. A professional headshot (you are the face of your business!), photos of your products, tools of your trade and you in your element will help position you as an expert in your field. And you know what that means—you have established trust.

Can you see how these benefits all come together in elevating your brand and business? Now the next step is to come up with a plan for the images you need to talk to your ideal client and start reaching out to photographers in your area {*cough* *cough* I offer this!}. I will be posting soon what to look for in a photographer! Until then, start your planning!


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