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6 Ways to Use Branding Photos

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

branding photos

Branding photos are an integral part of your business strategy. Let’s not mince words about this, they are so important because people buy things moreso because of their emotions than being practical. I mean, let’s discuss my latest Amazon purchase! When I get into my Internet rabbit hole and I am convinced to purchase something, you bet your butt photography played a part in convincing me to buy something! In fact, the last two online purchases I made were because a sponsored post came up on Instagram that resonated with me and I decided to buy it! The images used to lure me in were clean, crisp, showed off exactly what the item could do for me and their site felt professional. All this to say that imagery for your business and brand plays a huge part in that buying emotion!! Thus branding photos for your business can have a huge impact on your income.

So you have all these pictures and you’re almost overwhelmed at what to do with them all. Yes, a good chunk are perfect for social media but how else can you use them? Let’s dig into it!

Social Media

branding photo

I just talked about this–social media is the bestest place for these amazing photos! Let us count the places: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter are a start!! And depending on your ideal client and where they hang out, your strategy for posting these images and their frequency will play a factor. In fact, posts that include an image receive 120% – 180% more eyes on it and people engage with the post more. That’s HUGE!! Further to the point, Facebook posts with images have close to 40% more interaction. And when you think about how much the algorithm tries to stifle your posts so you will pay for advertising, this number resonates even more.


Your website is your store front, it’s a place where people get to know you, and the photos you have on there all tie into whether people know, like and trust you. Seriously, think about a time when you went onto a website and the images were out of focus, pixelated and unprofessional. Did you stick around? Did you buy anything? Do you feel like you trusted the site or the person? I am just going to assume you said no to everything I listed, because I sure don’t feel like that when I see that!! And that’s the normal reaction people have. People want to see professional images when they go onto a website! And they want to see your face! Seriously, there are a gaggle of other people they could purchase from who offer the same thing you do. People do business and buy stuff from people and brands they trust. On a psychological level, great images on your website will make people feel at ease and have them more likely to buy from you. So put those professional photos of yourself and your product up.


If you have a email newsletter, your brand photos are another place to utilize them. If you are having a sale of a product? Toss it in there! Wanting to unveil a new product line? Show it off! I don’t know how many email newsletters you get, but only 30% of those sent out use branded photos. Only 30%!! Which means if you are consistently sending out your own images in newsletter, you will stand out from everyone else. Shit!! Do you know how much that will help people know, like and trust you?? Your email newsletter is also a great place to have your branded head shot as part of your sign-off, so that way people are seeing your face and associating it with your brand.

branding photo
Client Melissa Mac’s website using branding photos I took of her.

Profile Picture

Let’s be honest, if you saw a brand and the photo of the owner was a crappy cell phone selfie, would you trust them with your business or money? Also, if you update your profile picture across all platforms every few months, it means you will pop up on people’s feeds and remind them you are there. I don’t know about you, but every time I change my profile picture, I always get a ton of likes and comments. The social media platforms don’t hide these updates, which is great because it might remind a few people they meant to do business with you and will be more inclined to reach out. Just remember to use the same photo on all social media platforms for consistency.

Print Material

branding photos

Branding photos are perfect for brochures, rack cards, mailers, etc. You can also put them on your business cards, I have and I love them! I used Moo, and they allowed me up to 4 different variations, which was perfect since I do different types of photography.

Public Speaking

A lot of times, when you are going to be public speaking, you need to send in a bio and photo of yourself. Sending in a branded photo of yourself adds to your credibility. You will be seen as more of an expert by using a branded photo of yourself over a non-professional one. Looking like an expert at these events means you could make even more connections and create even more business opportunities for yourself! I don’t know about you, but I like making connections and money!!

Christine Wright Swish + Click Photography

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