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Bridal Sessions – Are they Worth it?

Saturday, January 25th, 2020

When booking a wedding photographer in the South, one of the things in their packages or in their add-ons is a bridal session. This was a foreign concept to me when I started in the wedding industry, since I am originally from Canada. And truth be told? I thought the bridal session was a cash grab, mostly because I didn’t understand its value. I truly asked myself if a bridal session was worth it. Let’s dig into what factors would persuade you to have a bridal session, and also let me know if there are other factors in why you would or wouldn’t do the session. So let’s dig into it! Bridal sessions, are they worth it?

You Can See Your Wedding Look Early

For me, this is the most important reason why I support the bridal session. When I got married I did my trial run of hair and makeup and then went to work {I was a retail manager way back when}. No gown, no full effect. I had to trust that everything would go well together. Thankfully it did, but I am not the person who can “see” these things. If a bridal session had been available to me, bet your butt I would have done it!

All that to say that a bridal session brings your hair and makeup look together with your wedding gown and jewelry, so you can see exactly how you will look on your wedding day. And if you get a bouquet from your florist, then even better. Knowing if something is off or is too much will be apparent right away.

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You Can Make Changes to Your Look

Say something is off about your wedding look, this gives you time to tweak your hair style, your jewelry or bring your gown to a seamstress to fix. I kid you not, there have been more than one bridal session I have captured where the altered gown is not working, and has needed further alterations. In those instances we still did the bridal session, I just needed to pose the women slightly differently or use photoshop to fix a few skin issues.

bridal sessions are they worth it

Guaranteed Images of Yourself

Wedding days get hectic. I have shown up to weddings where the hair and makeup is a full hour behind schedule! And this means that the entire timeline is off, which ultimately puts getting photos of yourself in your gown in jeopardy. This is why a bridal session is a lifesaver. It gives you an hour or more to relax in your gown and have images taken that you wouldn’t get on your wedding day. It also allows you to have some fun and be yourself in the photos. I have had brides bring burgers, their pets or a smoke bomb with them for their photos. And we have had a ton of fun capturing that!!

bridal sessions are they worth it

Bridal Sessions, are they worth it?

Now that you have read the three things that helped bridal sessions win me over, the big question for you is: bridal sessions, are they worth it?

Let me know in the comments what you think!

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