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Hair and Makeup for Your Engagement Session–Is it Worth it?

Monday, February 18th, 2019

As a supporter of couples doing their own thing, I find that hair and makeup for your engagement session can be seen as a “nice to have”. And honestly? I could go either way. It really depends on what you are doing for your engagement session…but I am getting ahead of myself!

What’s Your Style?

I have had brides that love and wear makeup daily and it makes them feel comfortable in their skin. Then I have brides who are uncomfortable in makeup and are minimalistic. Both are 100% ok. I fall more into camp B, I wear eyeliner and eye shadow with lip gloss, but you throw foundation or mascara at me? Then I get uncomfortable. And don’t even get me started on contouring! But other women, that’s their jam!! If you are passionate about makeup and want to not worry about that aspect of getting ready for your engagement session, then I say do it. Get professional hair and makeup done. You will feel pampered and confident.engagement session

What are you Doing at your Session?

Another thing to consider is what you are doing for your engagement session. Are you doing something a little out of the ordinary? Possibly incorporating nerdy things, costumes or a zombie theme? If so, then this changes the equation a bit. In that case, I definitely say hair and makeup are required, and probably in the theme of what you are doing. On the other hand, most couples don’t add theatrics to their session, and so if you are taking a stroll through the park, beach or studio, then refer back to the above paragraph, and go with your comfort level.Houston engagement session

Ability vs Budget

Now say you aren’t into too much makeup, like me. But you also want to look good for the photos, and know you don’t have the best ability at doing hair and makeup. So now you are back to thinking about bringing in a professional. And I don’t want to say that all women who aren’t comfortable wearing makeup all the time don’t have the ability, I am truthfully talking about myself. When I go to put on foundation I feel like I never know how much is enough, if I have applied on evenly, etc. So I would fall into the camp that, if I felt I wanted to have foundation and a more polished look for my photos, I would definitely involve a hair and makeup professional.

My brides also fall into the camp where they aren’t sure they want to invest in $100 for hair and makeup for an hour session. It’s an investment for sure. I have brides who are awesome at doing their own hair and makeup and would prefer to conserve costs by doing it themselves.Houston engagement session

My Professional Perspective

I would never want to make anyone do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. That being said, I can see the difference in photos when a professional is involved. The makeup doesn’t make you look fake, it just highlights your features and makes you look like a more polished version of yourself. The hair and makeup you do for an engagement session isn’t meant to look like what you would do for your wedding. It’s more natural, not as heavy, and it lights up the camera. In the end, it’s completely up to you!

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