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Houston Nutritionist Branding Session | Meal Prep + Workouts

Monday, August 10th, 2020

When Lisa reached out saying she needed updated images for her business, I was super excited! She was the first business to hire me originally when I launched branding sessions in 2017 and I still love her original session that showcased her fabulous cooking and approachable workouts. So when Lisa called to have me capture her and her new team, this Houston nutritionist branding session was born!

Houston Nutritionist .Branding Session

For this branding session, Lisa had hired some talented women (Sarah and Kia) for her team, and I captured them as they made healthy recipes and worked out. Lisa needed new images of food prep, I feel like we tripled the recipes we captured in her previous session! And all of her meals were delicious looking and tasting, as I got to bring some of the food home with me after the shoot. Winning!

Food Prep Photos

For this Houston nutritionist branding session, attention to detail was key for getting the images right. While we were planning, Lisa and I made the largest inspiration board of images you’ve ever seen. From there I categorized them into lists, as Lisa finalized the menu she and her team would make. From there, we discussed which angles I would capture the food, so that not all her images looked the same. This meant that when I arrived on the shooting day we had a plan, a shot list and a timeline to keep us on track. And it worked beautifully! Tell me, what recipe looks the most appealing to you?

Cafe Photos

After meal prep photos, we went to a local café to do photos of Lisa, Sarah and Kia working, meeting clients and lifestyle shots. Fun fact: during these photos we convinced a patron to be in the photos!! You only see the back of his head in some of the photos with Lisa, and it added some nice variety to the images.

Working Out Photos

Working out photos didn’t need to be as detail orientated as the food photos. That being said,  Lisa, Sarah and Kia were still expected to send me images they loved and why they loved them. I needed to know what about that specific working out photo felt like it was walking to clients they were hoping to attract. It was awesome the dialogue we got into regarding their ideal client and what would attract them best. This is the stuff I love to do!!

Want to know more about what Lisa and her team can do for you? Check out the website to learn more. I can vouch for Lisa 100%, I have been working with her for 2 years.

When you are looking through this Houston nutritionist branding session, what struck you the most? Was it how detail oriented we were going into it? Or was it the images? Let me know in the comments what you loved best.

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