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Houston Portrait Photographer | Christmas Minis Part 1

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Christmas Minis 2017

As I launch Christmas minis for 2018, I am feeling it is time I shared Christmas minis from 2017! Like finally, am I right? 2017 was a banner year for Christmas minis, I paired with a hair and makeup artist for the first time and offered them in my new studio! And honestly? I loved being able to have sessions at a place with amazing natural light and not being at the whim of storms or blisteringly hot days. Wearing sweaters and hats on a 90 degree day don’t mix!! Enjoy the sessions below, as I feature some wonderful clients 🙂 Also, if you want to book my fall or Christmas minis for 2018 go HERE!

The Shanks

I have been capturing these lovely ladies since they were born in the NICU! And her momma and I have competed in a CrossFit competition together, and working out off and on together through the years. I love this family, Waylan has been playing his butt off playing football and the girls just had their third birthday.

Christmas minis Christmas minis Christmas minis Christmas minis

The Schupbach’s

This family is so totally crazy but adorable!! The momma is a local blogger and loves things like lattes, scrapbooking and kids {duh!}. She and her husband have three adorably high energy kiddos, who frankly stole the show in these Christmas minis!! Since we took these pictures, the family has moved and put down roots in a new community, which is exhausting!! I hope to capture them again this Christmas, as they were so stinkin fun!!!

Christmas minis Christmas minis Christmas minis

Coming soon: another fun set of 2017 Christmas minis!! Keep your eyes peeled! Also if you want to be book a mini session for 2018 go HERE! Get yourself on the VIP list, and in the know!


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