How To Create A Wedding Guest Experience They’ll Remember

Thursday, April 11th, 2024

Are you planning your wedding and looking to create a wedding guest experience they’ll remember for years to come? You’re in the right place! As Houston’s best wedding photographers with years of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about creating a wedding guest experience that is unbeatable! My clients LOVE dreaming up the perfect days with their guests in mind. The good news?! There are so many FUN ways to do this, and some are definitely worth the splurge! So, here are 6 ways to create a wedding guest experience they’ll remember forever!

How To Create A Wedding Guest Experience They’ll Remember

Photo Booth

Photo booths are popular for a reason – guests LOVE them!! One of my favorite props is when couples’ pets can’t be there at the reception, so they have giant cutouts of them for the photo booth! How fun is that? I also love the idea of the photo booth being the favor to guests and making it look high fashion. They have physical memories and printouts they can keep for years to come! And, the best is, this is an add-on service I offer so all of your wedding photography needs are covered!

Live Band

Who doesn’t love live music? A live band can add that extra pizzazz your guests will rave about. A live band instantly elevates the atmosphere, and guests always love to sing along. And trust me – if you want the dance floor to be lit up all night, a live band is a must!

Couple had a live band perform To Create A Wedding Guest Experience They’ll Remember

Live Painter

These talented artists come to your wedding and set up to paint a portrait of your day, usually the ceremony or first dance. It is always a beautiful reminder of the love shared on your day! Not only does this give you an incredible gift for your home, but guests love watching the painting come to life. I have also seen couples hire a live painter to paint individual images of each guest as a favor. They are gorgeous!


Talk about a moment! If your venue can allow fireworks or cold sparklers, they can create a magical ceremony exit (without you having to worry about guests holding little sparklers and lining up!). As someone who has been burned by sparkler exits, I love this alternative.

Sparklers during a first dance for Swish & Click Photography

Wedding Weekends

Pre-wedding cocktail hour or post-wedding brunch (or both!). Wedding weekends are a great way to spend extra time with your guests. And of course, hire your photographer to capture it all! When else will you have everyone you love in the same place for a full weekend?!



Audio Guestbooks

Voicemail guest’s books are a unique take on guestbooks, that I love! Every message is saved digitally, so you can listen back time and time again. As someone who has lost people since their wedding, I would love to have an audio recording of their voice to listen to now.
Audio guestbook for Swish & Click Photography

Couple had an audio guestbook To Create A Wedding Guest Experience They’ll Remember

Are You Ready To Create A Wedding Guest Experience They’ll Remember Forever?


Regardless of what you decide, make it YOU! I love working with unique couples who want to create a wedding guest experience they’ll remember for all the years to come!

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