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Intimate Elopements at the Oak Atelier

Friday, February 12th, 2021

In 2020 I started capturing elopements in Houston, as there were couples who wanted to get married, pandemic be darned! All of the elopements I captured were super safe, with there being very few people attending. Sometimes it was just myself, the couple and the minister! All of the couples I captured booked the Oak Atelier as their venue because the greenhouse space is stunning. If you remember this space, it is because you just saw it in Grace’s bridal session that I posted about recently. All of these intimate elopements at the Oak Atelier are just gorgeous, and I am excited to show them off!

Intimate elopements at the Oak Atelier

I love that this space can be decorated in so many different ways. It truly is a gem in the for Houston weddings and sessions. You can see below between the different elopements how each space was made to look special for each couple. The space is already gorgeous, so couples don’t need a lot to make the space look beautiful.

Another thing that is truly special about this space is how many places there are to do portraits. I love playing with the greenhouse itself, but I also love taking couples out on the grounds of the property. Depending on what time they do their elopement, the sun will sometimes hit perfectly with the trees and oooh baby! It makes for amazing photos.

Wedding Details at the Oak Atelier 

Wedding Elopement at Oak Atelier in Conroe, Texas

Bride and Groom Portraits at the Oak Atelier

Micro Wedding at the Oak Atelier Greenhouse | The Willow

Which one of these intimate elopements at the Oak Atelier do you like the best? I love the ones that have lots of flowers, cause I am a sucker for flowers.

All elopements were captured while shooting for Simply Eloped.

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