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Top 5 Elegantly Nerdy Themes for Your Wedding

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

I have been stalking Instagram lately for some elegantly nerdy wedding inspiration. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of seeing paper flowers made of comic book pages and a cake that’s half traditional and half over-the-top-nerdy. Come on!! Your wedding can be so much more than this! Thankfully my searches have been fruitful as of late, and I wanted to share the top five themes that have been raising the bar when it comes to mixing elegance to a nerdy vibe.

Star Wars

Star Wars is so much more than lightsabers and figurines these days. I have seen some amazing cakes, beautiful edits, maybe a storm trooper mask here or there, but the point is, people are getting there! Below are my favorite images to help inspire your Star Wars dreams!

Elegantly Nerdy

Invitation Suite by Hey Bernadette, captured by Briana Purser Photography

Swish + Click Star Wars wedding theme

Cacá Santoro Photography

Swish + Click Photography Star Wars wedding theme

Cacá Santoro Photography

Star Wars wedding

Disney Fine Art Photography

Houston Star Wars wedding

Cacá Santoro Photography

Game of Thrones

This theme, especially right now {winter is coming!} is perfect for an elegantly nerdy vibe. There are so many ways you can add these touches without it being over the top…but even if you did, you will see from the images below, that it’s still pretty dang gorgeous! I think you would have to try super hard to make Game of Thrones tacky, and this is not an invitation to do so!

Houston game of thrones wedding

Novaes Photography

Houston wedding photographer

Novaes Photography

elegantly nerdy

Novaes Photography

game of thrones wedding

Novaes Photography

I love that you can feel that winter is coming in these images!

game of thrones wedding photographer

Ashley Rae Photography

houston nerdy wedding photographer

Ashley Rae Photography

Game of Thrones wedding

Ashley Rae Photography

Harry Potter

I put this lower because I know I am known for this theme. Not that it is a bad thing, but I love other things too!! I have to hand it to the inspiration for this theme lately, all these planners and couples? You have been killing it! Tapered candles, gorgeous dresses, and sure a wand fight here or there! I have been so impressed with the level of amazing lately that it was hard for me to pick my favorite images as inspiration!

Harry Potter wedding photographer

House of Little Tomato

Harry Potter wedding

Let’s Frolic Together Photography

Harry Potter Wedding

Let’s Frolic Together Photography

Harry Potter wedding ceremony

Nirav Patel Photography

elegantly nerdy Harry Potter wedding

Christine Gosch

Houston Harry Potter wedding photographer

unknown photographer 🙁

elegantly nerdy Harry Potter wedding

Christine Gosch

elegantly nerdy Harry Potter wedding inspiration

Swish + Click Photography

Lord of the Rings

Let’s be honest, like with Doctor Who, this fandom isn’t going anywhere. Sure the movies came out a while ago {let’s not count, it will make me feel old!}, but the love stories are timeless! My preference for elegant touches is elvish in nature, but you can always incorporate a good hobbit touch for good measure.

elegantly nerdy Houston Lord of the Rings wedding

S arah Kathleen Photography

Lord of the Rings Wedding

Sarah Kathleen Photography

elegantly nerdy LOTR wedding

Sarah Kathleen Photography

LOTR wedding

Sarah Kathleen Photography

LOTR wedding

Christian Oth Photography

Lord of the Rings wedding

Sarah Kathleen photography


This is a hot button topic for me, as a lot of men love this theme…and women seem to put up with it. Which is why it feels like this is the theme that has a lot of room to grow. It’s well known for the groom and his groomsmen to wear t-shirts of their favorite characters under their white dress shirts. Or half the cake being superhero in nature. Or, my favorite, a wedding bouquet made from comic book pages. And that’s all cute, but you seriously can do this with a bit more class and elegance!! To be honest, comics and superheroes are so loud, it has made finding inspiration very hard to find, so here are a few images on where you could start to take you wedding!

Superman wedding

Donal Doherty Photography

Spider-man wedding

Jennifer Skog Photography

Wonder Woman wedding

Swish + Click Photography

elegantly nerdy Wonder Woman wedding

Swish + Click Photography

And if you are reading this blog and saying in your head “but Christine, I don’t know any vendors who get me and look at me like I am crazy!”. Um, I got you. I know so many amazing vendors who would find your ideas rad. It’s all part of the magical Swish + Click experience!

So leave a comment below if anything here has inspired you! Also coming this year: a total reinvention of the super hero genre for weddings!! I am telling you, I am fired up about making your wedding as elegant/rad as possible!

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elegantly nerdy Slytherin Harry Potter wedding

  1. I’m thrilled to be added into this post! I LOVE me a nerdy wedding!! My wedding was influenced by the Ents in Lord of the Rings. This LOTR inspiration is incredible! But I don’t know which I love more, the ‘no admittance’ sign, or that Hoth cake!! Wonderful post!

    • xine23 says:

      You do such great work!! It was easy to include you! Hopefully in the future we can join together for more nerdy delights!!!

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