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Wedding Traditions to Leave Behind

Thursday, June 27th, 2024

As you look to create a magical and memorable day for you and your loved ones, in my opinion, there are a few wedding traditions to leave behind. Make your day unique and all about you! Forget about what is “supposed” to be done, or what everyone else has done, and do something for you. When it comes to planning your wedding, you will be taking tons of time deciding what to do. As a wedding photographer, I have seen so many fun ways couples create a modern wedding, and I’ve got a firsthand look at how incredible their day has been! 

Wedding Traditions To Leave Behind

Here are a few wedding traditions to leave behind as you plan a unique and memorable day!

Bouquet & Garter Toss

It is uncomfortable for us as the audience to watch a man go under the dress of his partner, right?! I’ve heard single people saying that they don’t like being singled out during this part of the wedding, too! I had one of my couples hand out flowers to each single person so that no one felt left out. It was so thoughtful and such a great way to involve everyone!

Couple smile at one another showing off one Wedding Traditions to Leave Behind

Wedding Favors

Unless you have a bougie photo booth, like the one I offer, or a late-night snack the guests can take to-go, I think this is one thing you can save some money on!

Fun end of the night snacks for Swish & Click Photography Bride enjoys her lat night snack for Swish & Click PhotographyBride stands with bridesmaids as a Wedding Traditions to Leave Behind


Matching Wedding Party Attire

It’s all about letting everyone be unique and showcase their personality! Plus, having variety in the wedding attire means really cool-looking photos. This applies to men and women!

Mismatched bridal dresses for Swish & Click Photography

Regular Escort Card Tables

It’s all about big signs and statement pieces for the reception. This is a key point where you can show off part of your love story–where you met, something that bonded you as a couple, etc. Make it something fun and memorable for everyone!

stunning escort display for Swish & Click Photography Custom seating chart for Swish & Click Photography

Couple ring bell as Wedding Traditions to Leave Behind Couple enjoy a drink as a Wedding Traditions to Leave Behind

Only Getting Married At A Banquet Hall

Why go for something that everyone has done?! Unique venues are taking center stage now. Think – a cool space like a museum of fine arts or a natural science museum, or a gorgeous field. Mix it up for some serious fun!

Couple exchange vows with a stunning view for Swish & Click Photography Couple stand together at the altar as Wedding Traditions to Leave Behind

Diamond Rings

While diamonds will always be timeless, don’t be afraid to go against the grain. From lab-grown diamonds to sapphires and rubies – it’s all about what you love! Find something that you love and that is special to you!

Stunning wedding ring that is not a diamond as Wedding Traditions to Leave Behind Custom wedding ring that is not a diamond as a Wedding Traditions to Leave Behind

Hopefully this list of wedding traditions to leave behind inspires you to dream up a day that is all about what you want! Enjoy every moment of planning your special day, and don’t forget to have fun!

Can You Think Of Any Other Wedding Traditions To Leave Behind?!

Feel free to make your own choice as you plan your wedding day. Whatever that may be! Decide what wedding traditions to leave behind, and have fun with everything else! I love working with unique couples who are prioritizing a day they want!


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