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What No One Tells You About Picking a Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, January 17th, 2024

There’s a lot that goes into picking your wedding photographer, and to be frank there are pieces that many couples aren’t aware of because we don’t talk about them as much as we should. I find a lot of people only focus on money. And that is important! But money is just a fraction of the whole picture. As a wedding photographer who has been capturing weddings for almost 9 years, I am always happy to share my knowledge with couples. I want you to find the wedding photographer of their dreams, but picking a wedding photographer requires looking at several things as well as a great interview process. That is why, when you inquire with me, we take things slow. I am interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing me. I want to make sure that not only will I meet/exceed your photography expectations, but that we have a great rapport and like each other. If you want to make sure my style of photography floats your boat, you can look at my weddings page and see if the photos resonate with you. 

Picking a Wedding Photographer

Look for Experience

Experience can come in many forms. The photographer doesn’t have to have been photographing weddings for 15 years, some photographers I know started strong and did 50 to 70 weddings a year by their second year. How did they accomplish this? They were either working for a company like Weddings Unlimited where they have a huge photographer team or they take a lot second shooting jobs with various wedding photographers in their area. Having an experienced wedding photographer means they can troubleshoot any situation. Wedding days hardly go as planned! Like ever! From weather issues, to timeline delays, to Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob bringing two plus ones without telling you. I once had hair and makeup fall behind a full hour and I had to work with the planner to rearrange certain photos so that we made some of the time back. And you know what? We did it and you would have never know we were behind. As an experienced photographer, I’ve seen it all – and even if I haven’t seen it yet, I’ll know how to handle it with grit. Why am I so confident? It is because I have seem some sh*t! Of course I can toot my own horn, but Matt and Sarah saw me in action on their wedding day and sang my praises afterwards:

“Christine was a dream to work with! She never got flustered or was at loss even as things changed at the hotel, venue, and wedding schedule. With a wedding, nothing ever goes according to plan. Even so, Christine was able to adapt, stay organized, and capture amazing images all with a smile on her face and sparkly shoes on her feet. The hotel we booked for our guests was also supposed to serve as the setting for bridesmaid and groomsmen photos. Unbeknownst to us at the time of booking, major renovations were scheduled to be completed the week before our wedding. However, Hurricane Harvey happened and delayed the renovations. Needless to say, the hotel was not able to provide us with the original setting we had anticipated. Regardless, Christine was able to find great backdrops on the fly. She was innovative in using the available space which resulted in creative and unique photos that really helped capture us and our bridal party”

wedding at The Sam Houston Hotel with bride and groom

Authentic/Documentary Style isn’t for Everyone

Let’s be honest – being in front of the camera is awkward for most people. You don’t know what to do with your hands, your posture might be slouchy or you might have a Resting B*tch Face. For all of these reasons (and more!). authentic/documentary photos might not be your best fit because all you will see in those candid photos is your poor posture, the sour look on your face or your hands being…weird. And you want your wedding photos to look amazing! As a seasoned photographer, I am here to give you prompts and poses so that you feel comfortable and also make you look good. We start with some structure and direction, and by the end of your couples portraits you will feel like a movie star on the Red Carpet. And a bonus? Your photos will look sexy as heck as well as natural because we mixed great posing with a relaxed and happy environment!

“Christine is down to earth and so easy to work with! She really makes the {sometimes awkward} act of getting your picture taken enjoyable. My now husband is NOT a photo person and she made our wedding day painless and we both really enjoyed taking pictures.” Megan F

Don’t get Distracted by Trends

Trends in weddings and photography come and go. When picking a wedding photographer that is perfect for you and your partner, there is a tendency to become obsessed with photographers who do trendy things. You know the ones – nothing is really in focus and it’s all shakyAnd don’t get me wrong, the right motion blur photo is stunning! And while I love adding in some in the moment shots, it should only account for 5% of your gallery at MOST. Why? Because the pictures you hang on the wall tend to be the in focus photos. If your gallery includes more than 5% of trendy moments your gallery will become dated when looking back at them in 10 or more years. My goal is to deliver images to you that are timeless, that you will look back on and say “Dang we were hot!” not “Why are over half our couples portraits blurry??”

post ceremony at the Bentwater Yacht Club with the bride and groom

They Have to be Good at Flash Photography

This is a must!!! We all dream of perfect lighting on your wedding day and reception halls filled with floor to ceiling windows, but that’s not always the case. And if your reception photos are important to you, you need a photographer who understands how to use Flash photography. They should be able to talk about their flash system, how they set up their flash for various situations and have a consistent look to their photos. I remember when I was in my first year of wedding photography. I didn’t know how to use my flash at all and my photos…well I am not proud of them. If the photographer you are looking at says they are a ‘natural light’ photographer they might not have honed their skill set yet with Flash photography. Pro Tip: Ask to see a photographers full gallery – not just the perfect images they post on Instagram. This will help you see how the photographer deals with some not-so-great lighting. When a client inquires with me, I always send them at least 3 full galleries to look at.

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We get Emotionally Invested

Around here we create strong bonds with our wedding clients. So much so that years after their wedding I am still capturing their moments big and small. As your photographer, I am not just there with you all day, but with you throughout the planning process. When you have an idea you think might be crazy, like you want to add a Vanity Fair style photo booth to your cocktail hour, I am there not only to say yes enthusiastically, I will help you figure out how to make it epic. But beyond things like this, I am getting to know your family dynamics so that your family portraits go off without a hitch. I am getting to know your love story through sending you questionnaires to get to know you better. My goal is not to be any other vendor to you, I want us to be tight so that your wedding photos look freaking incredible.

“She makes you feel like family from the minute you meet her, and you become friends more so than a client.” Kaylee M

In conclusion, I always want to create the best experience for my couples, which is why I take these things so seriously. A recent Tiktok video I made had someone complimenting me in the comments, saying I was very passionate. And it is true! I always throw my full self into every wedding I book, which is why I want to help all couples when picking a wedding photographer. If you read this blog and are like “Christine is amazing, I have to book her”, you need to head to my inquiry form and fill it out! Or scroll to the bottom and fill that sucker out. Either way! Do whatever works best for you.

bride and groom kiss at The Contemporary Austin Laguna Gloria during their wedding

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