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Why Micro Weddings are All the Rage

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

You clicked on this blog, possibly thinking “what is a micro wedding, Christine?” Welcome to the right place, if that was spinning in your mind! I want to tell you all about micro weddings and why I love them. Once we dig into them, I am sure you will understand why micro weddings are all the rage.

What Exactly is a Micro Wedding?

A lot of people confuse an elopement with a micro wedding. An elopement can be just yourselves or a small gathering with a simple, more casual vibe. With an elopement, there might not be a venue and maybe a guest or three.

Whereas a micro wedding contains all the elements of a traditional wedding. A wedding venue, photographer, cake, and decor. It’s just on a much smaller scale. Instead of 150 people in attendance, there are 20 people attending. With less people, that means that there’s less of everything: food, cake, flowers, decor and length of time.

I have chatted with Skylar from Chancy Charm, to discuss some of the advantages to having a micro wedding.

bride walking down the aisle at a micro wedding at Houston Arboretum in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography

1. You can Have Your Wedding in a Unique Venue

When you have a wedding with 100+ people, you are having to go to banquet halls and venues to house all these people. In a micro wedding, where the guest list is at max 50 people, you can have your wedding in some really cool places! Art galleries, breweries & wineries, restaurants’ private dining space, roof top apartments are just some of the options. And pretty rad options, if you ask me. All of these spaces have a tight capacity, mean your guest list will need to be short and sweet. One of my lovely couples had a thirty person wedding ceremony at the Houston Arboretum, and it was gorgeous! There was just as much emotion at this wedding ceremony as at the larger ceremonies I have been capturing. And I love it.

2. You can Splurge on Stuff you Want

Say your budget is $50,000 for your wedding. If you had invited 250 people, that money would have been spread thin on invitations, tables, centerpieces, food and drink. The price of all those items increase with an increased guest count.

Now imagine that same budget but for 25 people. Dang skippy. Imagine the food, drink, flowers and experience you can bestow on those who are invited. You can have bougie wedding cocktails. Or that wedding videographer you were struggling to work into your budget. As a foodie, I would splurge on that by having specific cuts of steak, more expensive sides and a dessert that would blow your mind! I would also consider having a live band instead of a DJ at my wedding. All these things are harder when you have a larger guest list. Which is why micro weddings are all the rage!

table center at a micro wedding at Houston Arboretum in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography

3. More Quality Time with Your Guest List

This point is really important to me. Inviting people to my wedding who I truly care about and being able to spend time with them. When I got married I had 70 people at my wedding and it made it so that I could sit at tables and be with the people I love. It made my wedding feel that much more special.

As well, a lower guest count makes it easier to have everyone join for drinks the night before or to have brunch the morning after in a restaurants private dining room. Robert and I did this with out of town guests, and it really made it feel like a wedding weekend, rather than a wedding night. And the memories are long lasting.  ⁠

4. More and More Vendors have Micro Wedding Packages

Which means that planning the micro wedding is a whole bunch easier. These packages can provide a variation of: coordinating, ceremony, cake, flowers, food, officiant, decorations, complete event set up and take down, photography and videography. Not everyone offers all of that, but you can shop around for the one that fits your unique needs the best. As a Houston wedding photographer who loves food, and needs help planning, you know where my priorities lie, but you might be totally different. And that’s ok!

So what do you think about micro weddings? Are you leaning more towards large, traditional weddings or does this micro wedding appeal to you? I would love to know in the comments if you feel that micro weddings are all the rage!

bride and groom kissing at a micro wedding at Houston Arboretum in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography

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