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Ashton Gardens Wedding | Grace & Chase

Monday, June 28th, 2021

When Grace and Chase hired me for their wedding they had already booked Ashton Gardens as their wedding venue and I knew right away it was going to be a gorgeous Houston wedding! Grace is incredibly crafty and had already started making the paper flowers for her bouquets. It was important to her that things at her wedding had emotional significance like that. Since an Ashton Gardens wedding allows the couple to use the space in a way that fits them, all of the personalization would look fantastic.

Chase & Grace | Houston Love Story

If you remember, Chase and Grace met at Starbucks! I detailed this super adorable meet-cute when I posted their adorable Houston engagement session at Mercer Gardens. Small summary: Chase was a patron of the Starbucks Grace worked at. When things got flirty, they went on a date and now they are married!

Houston wedding couple kiss during their first look at Ashton Gardens in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography

Grace & Chase’s Ashton Gardens Wedding

Grace and Chase decided they wanted their wedding colors to be purple and grey, a great choice since they were having a winter wedding. And a Houston winter wedding isn’t as gloomy as in other parts of the USA, in fact a lot of the time the whisper of spring comes near the end of January. Chase wore a handsome grey suit and Grace looked gorgeous in her white gown . It made the overall look to Ashton Gardens seamless!

Personalized Touches on their Wedding Day

Grace and Chase infused their wedding with their personalities, I have touched on the origami flowers Grace made for herself, her bridal party, but there was so so much more. Since the wedding happened in January and the pandemic was still a thing, they provided colorful face masks for their guests. Grace had also made hanging paper flowers for each guest, and had that on a table by the masks. They were so beautiful! The origami theme was also in the reception hall, on every table there origami flowers in purple pots, along with the table number in purple cursive font. I also loved the hand sanitzer that said “In sickness and in health”, cause I am a sucker for a good pun! But my favorite origami touch was on the cake itself. The cake had purple fondant flowers dancing up it and on the top were a white and black origami bird! It was perfect!

Other great touches were the personalized pocket watches for the groomsmen, which captured really nicely with their suits. Chase and Grace also set up and made the photo booth for the reception, which everyone used with their cell phones to take photos. It looked so good!

Romantic Evening Ceremony at Ashton Gardens

Grace and Chace decided to have an evening ceremony because they wanted Ashton Gardens to feel romantic, which it did! The flowers along the pews had LED lights in them that lit up and there were candles lit around the front where they got married. It was one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies I have captured, thanks to the attention to detail in making the space as intimate and romantic as possible. After their sweet and funny vows, Grace and Chase walked down Ashton Garden’s aisle to a song from Kingdom Hearts, a video game they both love!

Getting Ready at Ashton Gardens West

Wedding Party Portraits at Houston Wedding

First Look in Ashton Garden’s Chapel

Bridal and Groom Portraits by Houston Wedding Photographer

Winter Ceremony at Houston Wedding

Reception at Ashton Gardens Houston

After looking at all the happy images, which part of this Ashton Gardens wedding do you love the best? I love every part, but the sweet moment between Grace and Chase cuddled in the pews speaks to me. I love how happy and fun this wedding was. Thank you so much for trusting me with your day!

Houston Wedding Vendor Team

Venue: Ashton Gardens Houston West

Hair and Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty⁠⁠

Gown: Pronovias

Suit: Al’s Formal Wear

wedding photographer Christine Wright laughs in a white dress Swish and Click Photography based in Houston Texas

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