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Spells and Potions: a Discovery Green Engagement Session

Monday, June 14th, 2021

I consider myself pretty lucky, I seem to attract the most magical couples! Jordan and Kelsey are no exception, and when we were planning their Discovery Green engagement session, we knew we wanted to honor their love story, while also making it fun. As you know, when I start planning engagement sessions in Houston, I always ask my couples about things they do that are special to them as a couple, as well as places that are meaningful to them. This always helps us create a vibe for their session that is unique to them, and this was no exception for Kelsey and Jordan.

Kelsey & Jordan’s Love Story

These two met on a dating app and for both of them there was a spark. According to Kelsey, Jordan’s smile and eyes first got her attention on, but she also had a picture of her and a dog so I knew she was a good one. When Jordan met Kelsey’s dog Scout for the first time, Scout immediately liked Jordan, which was rare. For Jordan, there were fireworks for her: she knew the day she met Kelsey that she would marry her, and she has the text messages to prove it!! She texted a friend from the night of their first date and I even saw it during their Houston engagement session.

The Proposals

Both Kelsey and Jordan proposed to each other as well! Kelsey did it first, on St. Patrick’s Day! Here is what Kelsey did for her proposal:

“I arranged with my niece to have shirts made and told Jordan’s cousin about the plan. That day I told Jordan we had to match and wear our green flannels and jeans because my niece wanted to take pictures at Discovery Green. On our way to my niece’s to pick her up my niece called and said I needed to come inside real quick to help her pick out something. When I went in I changed into the shirt she had made that said “Marry me I’m Irish”. When we got to Discovery Green, a dog walked by and caught our attention so that allowed me to unbutton my flannel and by the time Jordan looked back at me she could see the shirt. I got down on one knee and don’t remember a word I said.” Super sweet proposal, right?

So Jordan had also planned to propose on St. Patrick’s Day but decided to wait after her proposal. Instead she waited until Easter! “I waited a couple weeks and on Easter got Kelsey to come outside and do an Easter egg hunt for our dog Scout. Scout was supposed to pick up the egg with the ring in it but failed miserably in her very important role. I ended up picking up the egg myself and popping the question then.”

I honestly don’t know which proposal I like more!

Discovery Green Engagement Session Story

Discovery Green, as we know, is the spot where Kelsey proposed to Jordan, so when I suggested this as one of the possible location choices, they enthusiastically agreed. From there I sent them my What to Wear Guide, we discussed things to do and if they wanted to bring props. Kelsey and Jordan brought two outfits for their Discovery Green engagement session, one dressier and and one more casual. I brought Harry Potter wands so they could cast a spell on each other, and they brought beer! So we had both spells and potions at this session and it was magical.

How much did you love Jordan and Kelsey’s love story? And which photo is your favorite from their Discovery Green engagement session? Let me know in the comments!

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    I LOVE this shoot! Great spots & FUN couple!

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