You’d Never Guess My Secret to Awesome Engagement Photos

Monday, February 25th, 2019

awesome engagement photos at Mercer Botanic Gardens in Houston Texas by Swish and ClickRaise your hand if getting your picture taken makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable?? And keep it raised if you feel more awkward when it comes to awesome engagement photos! I remember when Robert and I were getting ready for our engagement pictures, I was worried about looking as dorky as I felt inside. Side note: I rolled up wearing flip flops to the session, so obviously I looked more dorky than I felt ha ha

Now that I am on the other side of the lens, I realize all couples feel awkward in front of the camera. In fact, I find men to feel more awkward than the women. Which is why they are typically vocal about not wanting to take pictures, and a lot of times dread it.

But you know what? I have some tricks up my sleeve! In fact I have a few tricks to make you feel less awkward and get you the awesome engagement photos you want. So let’s dig into my secret stash of tricks!

Awesome Engagement Photos:

1. Strike the Right Vibe

Are you and your fiancé more private in nature? Does the thought of having people watch you during the engagement session make you uncomfortable? If you don’t want to be taking photos in front of bystanders or pedestrians, I highly recommend avoiding grafitti walls or murals on a weekend when the lighting is perfect. Instead, let’s go somewhere a little more remote and private. I have a studio we can use if you like that vibe but I also know some less populated parks in the Houston area. But, if you don’t care, then let’s incorporate that grafitti wall into your session!

Below you can see two examples, one in a gorgeous bar and another at a private park. Both are exactly the vibe the couple wanted for their Houston engagement session.awesome engagement photos at a park in Houston Texas by Swish and Clickawesome engagement photos at DownHouse in Houston Texas by Swish and Click

2. Plan an Activity

The most awesome engagement photos are ones where you two plan an activity. It could be going to an ice cream shop, having a picnic or maybe doing something hipster like going to a laundromat. Truthfully, it really helps guys relax and start to fool around a bit. And once everyone is feeling relaxed, that’s when the magic happens!

In the photo below, Courtney and Dylan brought their puppy with them to the session and he was the perfect activity for them. They could focus on his being silly and adorable and didn’t feel the glare of my camera.awesome engagement photos at a park in Houston Texas by Swish and Click

3. Choose a Location with Meaning

Using a pretty place like the beach or a park and posing can be fun, but a place that has meaning and is familiar to you two has a higher likelihood of putting you at ease.

In the photo below you can see Sarah and Russell are in a Chris Craft boat. Since they both love the ocean, the Caribbean, and those boats, they were instantly at ease and it made the photos so easy.engagement session in Galveston Texas by Swish and Click

4. Pamper Yourself Beforehand

This can be something as easy as getting a manicure or pedicure the day of the session. It could be getting professional hair and makeup done. It could be both! I highly, highly recommend professional hair and makeup, because it translates really well to the camera. If you are getting all dressed up, hair and makeup that’s professionally done completes the overall look. Pampering could also be any men participating going to a barber and getting a hot towel on his face or a close shave. Pampering isn’t just for women you know!

5. Bring a Flask with You

Calm your nerves with your favorite libation! I know this feels like a joke, but as long as you have just a few sips and don’t get anywhere close to tipsy, this tip works! I have seen it work most often on wedding days, but it also works perfectly at your engagement session. Again, the key is to just have a sip or two, not to get engagement photos at Rice University in Houston Texas by Swish and Clicknerdy engagement session at a studio in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography


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