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You’re planning your wedding, which is so exciting! But also slightly overwhelming and you’re having to juggle a lot. What you are juggling revolves a lot around the timeline of your wedding day too. From when you are starting hair and makeup and doing first looks, to food, floral and cake delivery. When I was […]

the best timeline tip for your wedding day by Houston wedding photographer Swish and Click Photography
garden area. in front of Iron Manor Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography

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Since I heard about this place, I have been obsessed with the wedding venue Iron Manor. Houston wedding venues can feel like they are all similar (barn venues namely), so to see a venue going up that looks more like a modern day castle is so refreshing! And now that I have captured a few […]

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When planning your wedding there are things you just won’t know. It’s not like you are a professional event planner or are in the wedding industry. Weddings have a lot of moving parts, so when hiring a professional photographer to your wedding day, there are crucial questions to ask them during the hiring process. This […]

15 essential questions to ask when hiring a wedding photographer by Swish and Click Photography in Houston Texas
bride and groom dancing at a Covid wedding at Astin Mansion in Bryan Texas by Swish and Click photography

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The virus COVID-19 has not gone away since its appearance in Houston in March. In fact it is more pervasive in Houston than we thought it would be, and by now it has affected our daily lives and potentially the health of those we love. It is also affecting how weddings are being planned, from […]

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Yellow is one of the colors for a wedding that is challenging to incorporate. It’s one of those colors that can go from bright, warm and inviting to too much if you’re not careful. I find that because yellow can become overwhelming so quickly, most couples avoid integrating the color into their wedding. Which is […]

bridal portraits on wedding day at The Olana in Hickory Creek, Texas in a yellow themed wedding captured by Swish and Click Photography
micro weddings are all the rage in Houston Texas with Swish and Click Photography

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You clicked on this blog, possibly thinking “what is a micro wedding, Christine?” Welcome to the right place, if that was spinning in your mind! I want to tell you all about micro weddings and why I love them. Once we dig into them, I am sure you will understand why micro weddings are all […]

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Planning your wedding right now is hard! All wedding vendors are deemed non-essential in the time of COVID, including Houston wedding photographer and thus are not able to work. So how do you book a vendor for your 2021 and beyond wedding? The good news is that technology is freaking awesome and can help you […]

Houston wedding photographer Swish and Click Photography captures the bride and groom at Magnolia Bells
Houston wedding captured at La Tranquila Ranch by Swish + Click Photography during the Coronavirus

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These 5 tips on planning a wedding during the coronavirus are meant to give all couples tangible ways to deal with their upcoming wedding. Whether it is in a month or in 9 months. I have reached out to a few local Houston experts to get some information that will help you. But before we […]

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When booking a wedding photographer in the South, one of the things in their packages or in their add-ons is a bridal session. This was a foreign concept to me when I started in the wedding industry, since I am originally from Canada. And truth be told? I thought the bridal session was a cash […]

Intimate bridal session at Houston Event Venue in Houston, Texas photographed by Swish and Click Photography
romantic Houston engagement session photographed at Hotel Zaza by wedding photographer Swish and Click Photography

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Huzzah! You’re engaged!! It’s a seriously magical time! Especially if you are engaged in Houston! You and your fiance are popping the champagne, everyone is loving on you two and for at least a week you’re on cloud nine…until it hits you. You now have to plan a huge event for your nearest and dearest. […]


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