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Christmas Tree Family Portraits at Holiday Acres

Friday, August 28th, 2020

Last year Christmas tree minis were super popular! I’ve put together some of my favorite family pictures that I took last year that I feel confident were used as personalized Christmas cards and gifts. Last year I had two concepts for Christmas minis: the tree farm and a studio design. This blog post is highlighting all the gorgeous family portraits at Holiday Acres.

In previous years I have done a lot of studio sessions for Christmas minis, but for 2019 I wanted to get outdoors again!

Family Portraits at Holiday Acres

Holiday Acres has been one of my favorite spots for Christmas sessions over the years. The trees are festive, you can decorate them and bring props into the field with you. One of the weird things about living in Houston is that even in November it can get super bright and hot. And this was the case last year. It was also the only weekend in November where it didn’t rain for a few hours, we were so lucky! I won’t lie, it had been raining so much, I was pooping my pants a bit on whether the sessions would have to be postponed.

I love tree farm photos because they are the perfect family photo to share with your friends and family on this Christmas cards. Catching the perfect moment to take the perfect photo can be a challenge, but with patience and a lot of dancing and laughter, it can be done! 

If you have a family blanket, family portraits at Holiday Acres is the perfect time to use it as a background for your family photo. Getting everyone on the blanket gives your Christmas cards a cosy feel, even if it is a little warm out because we live in Houston. 

Special shout out to Hopi Tepee’s, for their gorgeous set up. I loved getting the families into those tepees, it gave the pictures a super cozy’s  feel.

Let me know if you loved the Christmas tree family portraits at Holiday Acres as much as I do in the comments!

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