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Dreamy McGovern Centennial Gardens Engagement Session | Anastasia & Eduardo

Friday, February 19th, 2021

Anastasia & Edurado’s McGovern Centennial Gardens engagement session is equal parts dreamy/gorgeous and super fun! Normally in engagement sessions I encourage my clients to go to two locations, especially for Houston engagement sessions. There are lots of places in Houston to do an engagement session and two locations helps create variety in your images. The great thing about doing an engagement session at McGovern Centennial Gardens is that there are a ton of places to do photos!

McGovern Centennial Gardens Engagement Session

One of my favorite parts of the park is the Hawkins Sculpture Walk, it has a bunch of character to it. I like to start sessions there and then meander to the rose garden and pavilion area.

Anastasia and Eduardo brought their A game to this session. They got new clothes, Anastasia had her hair and makeup done by the talented Meagan DaPron and they looked fantastic. Anastasia wore a green dress from David’s Bridal and Eduardo looked dapper in a white dress shirt and blue slacks. These two were totally ready for the McGovern Centennial Gardens engagement session. And while we got some gorgeous images of them throughout the park, my favorites were at the end when I told them to channel their inner James Bond. Those photos are so cute and hilarious!

Anastasia & Eduardo’s Meet Cute

These two met at a liquor store. Anastasia was in the scotch aisle putting a bottle on the shelf when the whole shelf came crashing down. She stood stunned, arms full of bottles she had saved, and soaked full of fancy scotch when Eduardo came around the corner and helped her out. I think it was the fancy scotch smell that sealed the deal here 😉 He loved her wit and charm (and her lovely legs), where she loved the he was so bright and full of life.

The Proposal

When it came time to propose, they had a staycation at Hotel ZaZa in the Museum District. On their first morning there Eduardo asked Ana to go for a walk outside, since it was so lovely. They went to Hermann Park but nature had other plans. It got so windy that all the pollen was blowing up and Ana is super allergic, and started having horrible scratches.

“All while I was holding the ring in my pocket worried about loosing it. I said it was okay and we could go back to the room but really wanted to go to the Centennial Garden. Being the lovely woman Ana is, she embraced the itchiness and agreed. We got to the Mount and climbed it. When we got to the top this little kid and his family were up there making me have to wait. We are probably up there for a good three minutes before they left and Ana was ready to go, but my mission wasn’t complete. I kept walking from one area to another looking out and buying time, until I finally got her where I wanted. I went behind her and got down on one knee, Ana says it took her a while to turn around as she thought I was tying my shoes, but when she did I saw the biggest smile on her face and knew it was mission success.”

I ask this at the end of every blog post, but I would love to hear from as to what is your favorite part of this McGovern Centennial Gardens engagement session with Ana and Eduardo? I already told you mine, so let me know yours!

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