Gorgeous, Smokey Bridal Session in Houston

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

You’re probably thinking to yourself “Christine, how can you have a gorgeous but also smokey bridal session in Houston?!” Let’s just say I am a super huge fan of smoke bombs {yeah I photography trends like that}. But you know what? My clients love it! Courtney was super easygoing, and we had a ton of fun with her smokin photos!

As is the case with September in Houston, it was 90ish degrees the day of Courtney’s bridals. We were able to do some photos inside the chapel at Magnolia Bells, but then we ventured outside for the remainder. All of us {Courtney brought her mom and sister} are skittish around big bugs, so when we found a huuuuge spider and a wasp went up Courtney’s skirt, you know there was a bit of cursing happening! And running away! But in between? Man did Courtney nail her photos.

I want to love on the wedding venue for a minute. Magnolia Bells has so many areas where you can capture people. They have a huge field, an outdoor ceremony site, the chapel and a ton of pathways. It allows for some variation in the photos without having to drive somewhere for it. Also, it’s great that they let brides do their session there. It makes the photos for their wedding seamless!

Gorgeous Smokey Bridal Session in Houston

Magnolia Bells bridal session
Magnolia TX bridal session
Houston wedding photographer
beautiful bride
sweet Houston bride
Disney inspired bride
Pearland TX bridal session
Smokey Bridal Session in Houston
Smokey Bridal Session in Houston
smokin bridal session
Smokey Bridal Session in Houston
Magnolia TX wedding
beautiful Pearland bride
beautiful Houston bride
Magnolia Bells wedding

Anyone else loving this smokey bridal session in Houston?? Let me know your favorite image in the comments!

Awesome Wedding Professionals

Gown: Whittington Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Sunny Hair and Makeup

Venue: Magnolia Bells

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  1. Shelby Yarbrough says:

    I love them all!! Love the smoke bomb! She is beautiful inside and out!

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