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Top 10 Wedding Cake Flavors

Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Do wedding cake flavors really deserve their own blog post? Uh, yeah! If you are a foodie like me, they do! When I was looking at wedding cake flavors 8 years ago I was blown away by all the choices. And then, unable to choose just one, we had three!! I don’t regret any of my choices. But now it’s 8 years later and things have changed, and cake flavors have gotten more fun and bougie! With that in mind, let’s dig into my favorite top 10 wedding cake flavors:

Top 10 Wedding Cake Flavors

top 10 wedding cake flavors


Pina Colada: This flavor tastes like a pina colada! I am not kidding. And it also looks and smells ahhhhmazing. Made as a coconut cake with a pineapple filling and topped with lemon buttercream, it’s seriously to die for. As a foodie, the nuanced flavors surprised me in the best way possible. If the baker you have gone with has this flavor, you need to try it at your tasting!

Chocolate Bacon: one of my grooms had this flavor for his groom’s cake, and man was it tasty!! Somehow the sweetness of the chocolate cake pairs extremely well with the saltiness of the bacon. And if the bacon is cooked just right, there is the crunchiness of it in the cake. Man just thinking about this flavor makes me hungry! They got their cake from Ashley Cakes, and it was the bomb.

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Matcha: green tea cake sounds a little weird, right? Well Becca Cakes makes this and it’s the only matcha flavor of anything that I like. It’s not an overwhelming flavor and it’s lightly sweet. For any couple who loves green tea matcha, this cake is 100% for you!

Whiskey Chocolate: This flavor sets my soul on fire! Or at least the one by Wink by Erica does. Whisky and chocolate pair together shockingly well, and then when you add in the vanilla brown sugar buttercream, BOOM! It’s truly one of the most amazing cakes you can have. The nuanced flavors in this cake are what blow me away, and Erica manages them so well!

Chocolate Espresso: I am seeing that I have a passion for chocolate cake ha ha! As a coffee lover, I already know that chocolate and espresso go together really well. Espresso is a dark roast, and so when it pairs with sweetened chocolate, they balance each other out. You add into the mix the butter that makes the cake, and you have a really roasty smooth cake! Especially if the icing also has espresso notes in it. Again, I am getting super hungry!!

buttercream wedding cake

Strawberry Champagne: So I am not the biggest fan of fruit in my cakes. I like eating the fluffy cake as is, with icing. Plus I find the flavor profile of a cake changes when it is cooked with fruits that are juicy. It’s just not my thing! That being said, this flavor I can work with. The cake isn’t weighed down by strawberries inside it, the strawberries are integrated into the icing. That way the cake flavor and integrity stays true, but you are still getting the flavor from the icing. I always get excited when I find out this flavor is going to be at the wedding 🙂


Vanilla Almond: otherwise known as traditional wedding cake flavor. But don’t be biased if you’ve never had it. There is a reason it has been popular for decades. The almond mixed with the vanilla is one of my favorite flavors ever. In fact, it’s so good Blue Bell ice cream has released a wedding cake flavor, which lives in my freezer all summer. I prefer this flavor with a classic buttercream, but it’s great with cream cheese or fondant as well.

Chocolate: Listen, we already know I have a huge crush on chocolate. So is it any surprise that “basic” chocolate is listed? Didn’t think so. Chocolate, when done well in a cake, is moist, rich and decadent. And bonus points if the cake is paired with a light and fluffy icing to cut the richness of the cake. In the south I see a lot of groom’s cakes as chocolate, and I support this movement.

Red Velvet: confession, I hate cream cheese icing, so I avoided red velvet for a long time. Then someone was kind enough to gift me red velvet cake with a buttercream icing and I was hooked. Red velvet is a lot like chocolate, it’s rich, it’s fluffy, it’s decadent. Plus, it’s also another super popular groom’s cake flavor. I say the gentlemen are hooking me up with the best flavors!!

Italian Cream: Oh man. Save the best for last!!! I freaking love coconut and a nutty crunch in my desserts. Hence why I love this cake! It has such fun inside it that I am always hopeful before a wedding that this will be a cake flavor at the wedding. And since you know I don’t love cream cheese icing, I usually eat just the cake and no icing. I know, I am ruthless!

So what do you think? Tell me in the comments how you feel about my top 10 wedding cake flavors! Would you change anything? Have I forgotten a key flavor??

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top 10 wedding cake flavors

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