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Harry Potter Engagement Session at St. Arnold’s Brewery | Laura & Justin

Sunday, March 7th, 2021

When Laura, Justin and I were discussing what they wanted to do for their engagement session, they said right off the bat that they wanted to do something that felt like them. They love beer and Harry Potter, so mixing them together for this Harry Potter engagement session was pretty perfect. Or dare I say….magical!

Laura and Justin met at a friends house party, and Justin was smitten right away. Laura needed a bit more time, but says that he was there for her through some tough times as a friend and it made her realize she wanted more.

The Proposal

Justin proposed on a cruise they took together. On the last night of the cruise they went to dinner and went to take pictures at the different stations. They got through the pictures and Laura started to walk away thinking it was done when Justin grabbed her hand and he was down on one knee. He wasn’t able to get any words out at all so he was just kneeling there holding the ring with a goofy smile on his face.  “He tells me that he had a whole speech planned out but when it came time he wasn’t able to remember any of it”

Harry Potter Engagement Session

Part their love story is a combined passion for Harry Potter. It was important to both of them to include it in some small ways. Laura and Justin brought a time turner and I brought some wands and we had a fun time. They also wanted to share some beer, as going to breweries is one of their favorite things to do together. St. Arnold’s Brewery was the best spot because it had lots of space and looks fantastic in photos.

You know what comes next! What is your favorite part of this Harry Potter engagement session? I loved the wand fights we did and how Justin looks at Laura. I can’t wait to see these two married.

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