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Houston Marriage Proposal Photographer | Jay & Kristen

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Earlier this year I got a phone call from Jay. The lockdown had just lifted and he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Kristen. He wanted to propose to her at the Houston Arboretum at roughly. 7:45am. The thing is, as a Houston marriage proposal photographer, I know that exact times for proposals are more like a guideline. There is always something that slows you down or nerves get in the way and something is delayed. Thus, when we were discussing times, I knew that it would be more of a window of time than exact.

The Proposal

Kristen’s best friend flew out from Florida to be there for the proposal. She met me at the park and we found the best vantage point for me to be at for the marriage proposal. Jay wanted to do it at Meadow Pond. It was a little further back so there would be privacy, and it made for beautiful photos! After Jay proposed (spoiler, Kristen said yes!), we did some couples portraits around the Houston Arboretum. I really love the black and white photo of them kissing, there’s something magical about that photo.

At the very end they put on “bride” and “groom” face masks and we took a few fun photos in them. These two were the happiest and the best! After the session, these two, with Kristen’s best friend, went to Galveston and celebrated!

Houston Marriage Proposal Photographer

Here are some quick tips when you go to propose:

  1. have your intended get their nails done a bit before the proposal, roughly a week before. Make it your treat if you need to encourage this.
  2. Have a trustworthy friend (or friends) to help make your plan realistic to your intended so they don’t suspect the proposal. Kristen’s best friend was the point person for me that day, so I was able to set up and be in the right place.
  3. Hire a professional photographer. We know the best angles for the proposal and subsequent couples portraits afterwards to show off the ring! Budget between $250 to $350 for this, as the photographer will be with you for minimum of an hour, from being there before the proposal to doing photos after.
  4. Considering having family and friends there to celebrate after! It makes the moment feel really special.

I have loved being a Houston marriage proposal photographer and can’t wait to capture my next one! If you’re recently engaged, let’s chat! My 2021 calendar is booking super fast, I don’t want you to miss booking me!

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