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Houston Astro’s Themed Engagement Session with Kendall & Brad

Saturday, December 12th, 2020

Kendall and Brad technically met in grade 2 and went to school together but the romance didn’t start until they matched on Hinge. Kendall thought Brad was funny right away and Brad thought Kendall’s silliness was endearing. Their first date helped create this Houston Astro’s themed engagement session, as we captured photos at places they went to that fateful day.

Things went crazy well and when it came time to propose, Brad was sneaky! Kendall says “Brad hid the ring (he wouldn’t tell me anything other than it was “in plain sight”). He hid it in the Christmas tree, the guest bathroom (hanging off the shower head), a shot glass in our bedroom, and I’m sure many more places. Over the course of the months leading up to the big question, Brad had started “faking me out” making it seem like it was the moment multiple times. I was anticipating it every time we went out. But on December 15, a random Sunday night, we were sitting on the back patio, like we always do, enjoying the evening and dancing under our patio lights and the moment struck him. He snuck off “to get more water” and grabbed the ring. He came back and we kept dancing and then he dropped to one knee while Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love” played on the speaker. Of course, I said yes!”

Houston Astro’s Themed Engagement Session

For their engagement session, these two wanted to go back to the places they went to on their first date. We did photos at Local Foods and around that area, as that was where they went for dinner. Then we headed to Minute Maid Park and did some photos in front of the stadium. They brought out some baseball caps and made out a bit! It was really cute.

Then we headed to the Houston Arboretum to get some different photos and change clothes! Some of those arboretum photos are steamy AF and I love them!! And then we got a bit silly with Kendall and Brad skipping, as well as doing a piggy back ride. And can we talk about how gorgeous Kendall’s engagement ring is? Brad did good.

Which location from this Houston Astro’s themed engagement session did you like best? I love Minute Maid Park, so that location is my personal favorite…but I also love all the photos from the arboretum! It’s so hard!! Tell me in the comments what you like best.

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