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How to Find the Right Baker for Your Wedding

Friday, September 13th, 2019

Finding the right baker for your wedding can be one of the most fun things you do for your wedding. I mean, come on, it’s a lot of cake tasting!! And treats tasting! As a foodie, this was one of my favorite things about wedding planning. But you also need to be wary, as there are some vendors who aren’t as truth worthy as others. Did you hear about the Houston bakery that delivered Styrofoam cakes and then disappeared, leaving clients without a cake? Yeah, that’s sketchy! So let’s get into how to find the right baker for your wedding.

Research Pricing/Make a Budget

As with anything wedding related, it’s smart to research pricing for vendors before making a budget. If you don’t, you could be shocked during a meeting when pricing is discussed. Of course, during the research stage, not all bakers {or vendors in general} list their pricing on their website. Thankfully, there are enough vendors out there who list pricing on their site for you to get a good feel. Know that the more ornate the cake, the higher the price will be. Sugar flowers are stunning, but they also take a ton of time to make and thus increase the cost of a cake.

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Once you do research, create that budget! If your fiance was anything like mine, it took a bit to get him to understand the price, and that it shouldn’t be $300 for a 3 tier cake to feed 100 people. As a rule of thumb, I would add some wiggle room in the budget just in case you find a baker you love who is slightly above your budget.

Narrow Down Flavors you Love

I am a foodie, so I was super excited to try all the flavors. My husband? Is a plain jane, loves vanilla only. But he was awesome and came to tastings, trying flavors we both knew he wouldn’t love more than vanilla. I wish we had tried a whiskey chocolate or a strawberry champagne, but those flavors weren’t as popular in 2011. To have the best of both worlds, we did different flavors for different tiers.

When picking your cake, some things to think about are: types of frosting, if you want to do a seasonal flavor or stay traditional. Frosting will have a direct affect on the look of your cake, so if you prefer buttercream over fondant, ganache or cream cheese, be sure to also love the designs you can get on buttercream. And if you decide to have a few different flavors, consider a seasonal flavor (pumpkin for fall? Strawberry shortcake for summer?).

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In the end, pick the back whose flavor excites your palate. Look for cake that has the right combination of taste and moisture. Once you find that fit, the rest is easy!

Have an Idea of Design

right baker for your wedding

Design for cakes is truly wide ranging! With social media making sharing so easy, I have noticed an increase in innovative cake designs. There everything from naked cakes, to painted cakes, sugar flowers or buttercream brushstrokes. The cake should reflect the theme or feel of the wedding. Since I cover a lot of personality filled weddings, I have captured cakes with dinosaurs on them and golden snitch cake pops. But you can also decorate the cake with flowers you have in your bouquet, or do a lace design that’s similar to the one on your gown. A personal favorite these days are cakes that have a hand painted statement tier. Just make sure you and your fiance are on the same page for the design aesthetic. As well, utilize the baker to create something unique! So many bakers I know can take a nugget of an idea and deign something really cool for you!

Check Reviews!

After all the drama that went down with a local bakery lately, it’s important to research your top bakers. Of course it would be amazing for them to have hundreds of reviews that are all 5 stars. What I would be wary of is if they have hardly any reviews or their reviews land them under 4.0. Look for how the cakes taste, communication style and punctuality. There might be a one-off review where the client wasn’t satisfied, which is honestly par for the course when you run a small business. Let your gut guide you, and if anything feels off move onto your next choice!

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