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Cute Bluebonnet Cake Smash in Houston | Baby Dawn

Sunday, September 15th, 2019

Did you know people from Texas are obsessed with bluebonnets? As a transplant from Canada, I didn’t know this until I moved to Houston and experienced the spring obsession fill my feed on Facebook. Everyone, and I mean everyone, were posting photos of themselves with these blue flowers. Looking joyous! Thus, I inquired with a coworker about what was special about these flowers. Cue a loud gasp and then a long explanation about the flowers, and Texas and how cute it was that I was Canadian. All of this comes rushing back to me every spring, when these beautiful flowers bloom. And today you get to see a cute bluebonnet cake smash session!!

Cute little Dawn turned one this spring, and I have been friends with her parents for a good few years now. After extensive scouting, we found this perfect little patch and set Dawn up in it. Dawn, like most babies, was unsure at first. Most babies are apprehensive about getting icing and cake on their hands and getting dirty. {pro tip: buy a cake in advance of the session and have them eat it with their hands, so they are used to it} Dawn was a little skeptical but as soon as she tasted the icing, it was game over!

I am excited to share that Dawn is getting a sibling this February!! Selfishly, I am hoping they will be born on my birthday ha ha

But let’s dig into this cute bluebonnet cake smash!

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