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Two Bakers in Houston who are Killing it!

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

What is your favorite memory of cake? Is it from a birthday party or a wedding? Growing up, my mom made the most delicious cakes with our family recipe for 8 minute icing. It was the epitome of delicious!! When I have cake at weddings, I tend to base my opinion on whether they match up to what my mom used to make, which might not be totally fair, but I can’t help it. Both of the bakers that I talk about today I have personally had their cakes at weddings, and my taste buds were satisfied! Which is why I feel like these two bakers in Houston are killing it!

Get Caked

I was introduced to Get Caked a few years ago at a mock wedding shoot. There were several cakes that were on hand, all different, and all stunning. One of the perks was at the end of the shoot, we were able to try the cakes, which doesn’t always happen. What left an impression was how long the cakes had been sitting outside being captured and how freakin moist they were! As a foodie, a moist cake is important to me. The icing should be an accent to the flavor profile of the cake, and that’s exactly what I ate. Add onto it that the cakes looked like pieces of art, and I was sold. Since then, I have become good friends with the owner Kailyn. She is one of the nicest people in Houston, always quick with a joke and works her freakin butt off. She can do simple/elegant cakes but can also rock out a geode cake like it’s no effort. All while tasting mad delicious!colorful wedding at D6 Retreat in Austin, Texas photographed by Swish and Click Photography wedding baker Texas

Sweet Treats Bakery

I have a sweet spot in my heart for Sweet Treats Bakery. The owner Lydia was one of the first vendors I made a solid connection with. Her specific style that she rocks are more simple and elegant. She has mastered creating a cake that pairs perfectly with flowers or fruit, in a display that’s stunning! The cakes are made with best ingredients, all locally sourced and fresh. And guess what? You honestly can tell when you taste them. As someone who loves baking with fresh ingredients myself, I love that this bakery does as well.Texas wedding cakes Houston wedding cakes

Now you know my favorite things about cakes–moist cake that’s the star of the show, with the icing being nuanced to support the taste of the cake itself. What kind of cake is your jam? Are there any bakers in Houston who are killing it in your estimation? Let me know in the comments!

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bakers in Houston who are killing it

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