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How to Have a December Wedding That’s not Christmas Themed

Sunday, November 25th, 2018

It’s natural to make a December wedding Christmas themed, but not everyone wants one. Having grown up in Canada, land of the hearty, frozen winters, I feel uniquely qualified to have great ideas for a December wedding! And no, I am not talking about a Disney Frozen theme, although that would be…interesting.


I am in love right now with the trend of velvet and suede being popular in weddings. For a December wedding, this is the wedding where you can embrace these fabrics! Everything from velvet bridesmaid dresses to napkins and table runners, seriously do it! I would also be tempted to wrap the bridal bouquet in velvet ribbon as well, for some added drama. I mean, why not?

December wedding

Made by local designer Renegade Bridal.

December wedding

Beautiful picture by Kristen Weaver


Flowers are where you can have some fun. You can embrace the December vibe without getting too Christmas-y by incorporating pine cones, succulents and more into your arrangements. I would be tempted to use a lot of white and have pops of color, but if you want to have a dramatic/lush wedding vibe, you could make your arrangements full of rich reds, oranges and pinks. Personally, if I was having velvet bridesmaid dresses and ribbon, I would keep my arrangements lighter in shade so that the velvet can POP!

winter bridal bouquet


One of my photographer wedding friends recently did a styled wedding, and the cake they featured a cable knit cake. Once I saw that I was done. And I knew that if I were to write about December or winter weddings, I had to feature a cable knit cake. I like the example below because it’s a little bit of a naked cake but also a wintery cake. It makes me feel festive!!

December wedding cake

Made by the amazing The Cake and the Giraffe.


It’s December. The wind is blowing. You feel chilly. What a better thing than to love on your guests with a hot chocolate bar or a s’mores bar or…both!! Honestly, it would make delight me to have both at a wedding I attended, regardless of the time of year. Yup, even a July wedding I would be like “this is my fourth hot chocolate guys!”. And if you were feeling frisky, you could have Bailey’s at the hot chocolate station. Fun, right?? Another delicious idea would be to serve ice wine with dessert or have it as the favor people leave with. Ice wine is delicious and a great way to end a dinner.

hot cocoa at reception

Picture by the talented Amilia Photography

smores are delicious

Picture by the talented Dawn Charles

Lastly, if you’re feeling frisky, I would add some Game of Thrones references in the wedding–fur shawls, huskies, goblets on the tables etc. But we all know I always go nerdy if I can. Are you thinking of bucking tradition from a summer wedding and having a December or winter wedding? Let me know in the comments!

December weddingrad December wedding

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  1. Rachael Green says:

    I love these ideas I’ve always been torn between have a wedding in the fall or a wedding in the winter. It be nice if I could find a way to have a wedding that could incorporate both of them together but I wouldn’t even know where to start for that lol.

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