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Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

When Charity reached out about branding pictures, I loved the feel of her brand and her love for Gwen Stefani! She knew exactly what she wanted, which made my job so easy. As she is a lifestyle blogger and badass Rodans + Fields consultant, a branding photographer like myself could picture what she wanted right away. Bright colors, consulting meetings, head shots and product shots were the top things she wanted.

Consulting Meeting

One of the challenges, if you are in sales, is to get good pictures of yourself in your element. Chatting with customers, handling concerns, showing off product. Charity wanted exactly this, and they turned out exactly how we saw it. She brought her best selling products, did pictures of her talking about them, as well as pictures of just herself working. The reality of being an entrepreneur is that you work a lot on your computer, in a cafe or in your home! Granted I look a lot less put together when I work at my computer.

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Product Shots

Having good pictures of the best selling products she sells was imperative. We did some in a flat style, shot from above, as well as side shots. As a branding photographer, I have to say I love the side shots a lot, as I love how the soft back ground draws your eye easily to the product. Charity brought colorful props that tied into her brand colors, which is important for consistency.

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Head Shots

Branding photography wouldn’t be complete without getting headshots. I talk about this a lot, but people buy product from businesses, regardless if they are a small business or a big business, because of the human connection. By putting updated images of yourself on your website, social media etc., you allow clients and potential clients to get to know you, and the more you do that, the more likely they are to buy from you!! Charity knew already how important this was and we did several concepts to ensure she had several to use throughout the year.

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Charity, thank you for being so easy and fun to photograph! I love what you do, your products are amazing and I love how everything turned out.

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