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Two Awesome Wedding Venues in Houston

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

two awesome Houston Wedding venuesI have not written nearly enough about the awesome wedding venues in Houston. Today this stops!! With Houston being so big, there are a ton of wedding venues to choose from. And honestly? If they are a bit of a blank slate, you can transform a lot of spaces into the look that you want with draping and flowers. But then, then there are other wedding venues that have a ton of character and leave a lasting impression. In this blog post I am highlighting The Dunlavy and The Farmhouse.

Two Awesome Wedding Venues in Houston:

The Dunlavy

I found out about this stunning Houston wedding venue from a friend, and at the time I had no idea it was also a wedding venue. It was just a cool place to have brunch and ogle all the chandeliers. Then I was commissioned to photograph a wedding there with another photographer and my perception of the venue changed. It grew! Thi Houston wedding venue is located on the banks of Buffalo Bayou and Lost Lake, with glass walls that surround the dining room, so you see all the natural beauty during a wedding ceremony or while you eat. The chandeliers are what make this space so unique, and as a photographer I just love how they add ambiance to the wedding photos I take there.

This space is meant for smaller weddings, with a max of 150 people for capacity. As someone who had 75 people at their wedding, I have a place in my heart for smaller wedding sizes. It allows you to splurge on awesome things like a cool dress or bitchin’ flowers! On top of weddings looking baller here, I love the food!! Every dish I have had at a wedding at The Dunlavy has been creative and delicious.

Since this wedding venue is a restaurant when not hosting events, it doesn’t have a space for anyone to get ready, thus all my couples have gotten ready at a hotel and then traveled to the venue.

two awesome Houston Wedding venuestwo awesome Houston Wedding venues two awesome Houston Wedding venues two awesome Houston Wedding venuestwo awesome Houston Wedding venues two awesome Houston Wedding venues

The Farmhouse

This barn wedding venue is almost the exact opposite of The Dunlavy in several ways. First it’s a barn wedding venue, so it has a totally different feel to it. It has both the barn as a space for the wedding reception, plus a chapel for the wedding ceremony. I love its painted all white inside, making it a blank slate for anything the couple wants to do! It’s located in the north side of the Houston area, in Montgomery, which is a really beautiful area.

I love this barn wedding venue because a lot of thought was put into its design. The bridal suite, with its more modern chandelier, is gorgeous. It has lots of windows, flooding it with a ton of natural light, which, as a wedding photographer, gets me excited! I know all the getting ready images are going to be baller. The groom’s space is also really nice, with lots of TV’s, a lounge area and easy access to the back porch. As a photographer, I love all the windows in both the barn and the chapel. It makes all the images easy to capture. Honestly, you would have to work hard to take a bad photo here!!

With this barn wedding venue being so large, there’s ample space for a bar area, dinner, a photo booth and dancing. The Farmhouse website says they can accommodate up to 300 people, which is great for people with a big list of family and friends. I can tell you that 300 people doesn’t feel tight, and this wedding venue can handle it.

So which of these two awesome wedding venues in Houston do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

two awesome Houston Wedding venues The Farmhouse MontgomeryFarmhouse wedding photographer Houston wedding photographertwo awesome Houston Wedding venues

The Farmhouse images taken while photographing with Kari Marie Photography.

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